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Achieving The Parisian Art Deco Style: Shop Accessories



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Welcome back to our “Tour de Parisian Decor” over here on the blog. In case you missed our first few posts ‘An Intro to Parisian Art Nouveau Style, Achieving the Parisian Art Deco Style: Furniture & Achieving the Parisian Art Deco Style: Lighting‘ be sure to check those out. But at this point you should know that we are big fans of the new Parisian Art Deco style that is popping up all over our feeds and for good reason. It is timeless, original, and still feels fresh and fun. Four words we all wish our friends would describe us as.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 11
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As you look through these pics, and some of the other pics up to this point that we have been featuring in the Parisian Art Deco series you may be asking yourself, “Accessories… what Accessories?” and you are right, unlike California Casual which we recently covered on the blog, Parisian Art Deco is pretty light on the accessorizing. You won’t find a collection of pottery, or stacks and stacks of books, or shelves filled to the brim with vignettes of objet d’art. Nay, the Parisians (or at least the people that embody this style) keep it simple with their accessories.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 4
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But, let’s not get simple confused with cold – none of these rooms feel cold, unlived in, or sparse. They just channel a much more refined hand when it comes to styling.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 16
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When it comes to accessories you will find simple, sculptural, and interesting pieces. High gloss ceramics, hand blown glass, honed marble, and black and white are all very much appreciated in this trend. And for the most part the accessories are interesting enough that they can live alone on a shelf, table, or surface. You will see a lot of curved bulbous shapes paired with sharp angles and graphic patterns or colors. Just like this beautiful little bowl we used recently in the Sotheby’s shoot.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 8
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

So let’s break down some of the iconic elements you find when accessorizing a la Parisian.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 13
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Pairs of Accessories:

Do you see a theme going on in the above picture? Two couches, two chairs, two round pillows, two matching vessels on the side table, two fireplace andirons (did you know those two little things that hold back the burning logs are called that? Because I didn’t until I just googled it). The parisian art deco style loves symmetry and pairs of items and that comes into play with accessories as well like these two brass vessels on the side table.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 12
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Sculptural Objects:

Rather than stacking and layering for a sculptural look, this style is all about one beautiful and sculptural object living on it’s own. Whether that be a simple cube like you see on the coffee table above or a handmade object like some of the items that we have included in the get the look, keeping it minimal but interesting is what this style is all about.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 6
Photo Source

Hand Blown Glass:

As we mentioned before in previous posts, this style loves hits of jewel toned colors and black and white through accessories or textiles. And in this case, you will see a lot of that coming through in hand blown vessels, vases, or bowls.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 15
Photo Source

Art As Accessories:

See any accessories in this Parisian bedroom? Nope, neither do we. The only item in this room that would serve as an “accessory” is the leaning piece of art on the nightstand which is a true testament to the refined hand they have when it comes to decor and styling. Yes I may want a beautiful vase with flowers on that coffee table or a decorative box on top of that side table but I also love the room as is because the tailored furniture is doing all the talking.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Inspo Pics 3
Photo Source

Black and White:

Black and white are key players in Parisian Art Deco design and the same goes for the accessories. You will see black and white stripes quite a bit in this style as well as a play between the two in the graphic and sculptural elements we have already touched on.

So now that you have a few of the key elements in place, here is a roundup of some of our favorite Parisian Art Deco inspired accessories at all different price points. I would definitely buy #7 and #15 right now, I own #20 and #42 and have loved and use them all the time, and if I won the design lottery or stumbled into a pile of cash under a rock I would splurge on #1, #21, and #40. Which ones are your buy right now, and buy if you won the lottery picks?

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Accessories Roundup1

1. B & W Bowl | 2. Stockton Sculpture | 3. Rounded Marble Sculpture | 4. Infinity Black Knot Sculpture | 5. Roman Bust | 6. Pop Bowl | 7. Celia White Vase | 8. Brass Bookends | 9. Mack Plum Vase | 10. Green Marble Pyramid | 11. Troll Vase | 12. Burl Wood Tray | 13. Green Glass Vase | 14. Gold Double Sculpture | 15. Round Stoneware Jar | 16.  Cross Cube Sculpture | 17. Tall Stoneware Vase | 18. Grid Box | 19. Stone Sphere | 20. Pink Glass Vase | 21. Optic Catch All | 22. Large Gold Metal Plant Pot | 23. Caravel Candelabra | 24. Blue Glass Bowl | 25. Pink Tray | 26. Mod Black White Ceramic Box | 27. Black Abstract Sculpture | 28. Striped Angle Bookend | 29. Gold Sculpture | 30. Brass Pin Candleholder | 31. Round Mirror | 32. Organic Large Black Vase | 33. Black Polka Dot Bowl | 34. Cross Base Vase | 35. White Bust | 36. Black Curvy Vase | 37. Sia Black Vase | 38. Arya Taper Candle Holder | 39. Stairway Object | 40. Cracked Wayward Vase | 41. Porcelain Hand | 42. Mad Et Len Terre Pot Pourri

For the full Parisian Art Deco style check out: An Intro to Parisian Art Nouveau Style, Achieving the Parisian Art Deco Style: FurnitureAchieving the Parisian Art Deco Style: Lighting & Staging My Dream Parisian Hotel Suite with Sothebys

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I’m a Parisian so I consider I’m allowed to say this. I think this style is so…ugly. It’s so cold and uninviting. And I’ve never seen it anywhere here. I see it a lot in French design magazines so I assume it’s happening somewhere (in the homes of the top 0.5% who call in professional designers probably). I love your style Emily, and I really love what you did for the Parisian apartment for Sotheby’s and your own home. Personally I’m much more drawn to your usual mix of modern and antique, which has inspired much of my own Parisian… Read more »


I’m with you, Amelie. This look is definitely a downer. In fact, I’d say it’s the exact opposite of “timeless, original, and still feels fresh and fun.”

I can’t imagine many people would wish to actually inhabit these rooms. With the exception of your Sotheby’s design, they are completely devoid of charm, warmth and soul.

Topaz Winters

Couldn’t agree more. These rooms feel so sterile and cold; I can’t imagine living in this sort of house.

susie Q.

Yeah, my reaction to these photos is “these are so NOT me.” They’re pretty much the antithesis of what I like. I like some of the accessories in your round-up, but that’s it. (However, that Kelly Wearstler cup is so oddly compelling–I can’t take my eyes off of it…)


When people were complaining during the series of California Cool posts about how it wasn’t their style and they were sick of it (and I kind of liked the style), I didn’t understand it – why not just come back to the blog later, right? But now, with the Parisian Deco look, which I do not like at all, I think I get it. It’s one thing to try to appreciate a look that I don’t actually like in one post. It’s another thing to try my best and still fail at appreciating it over the course of three posts.… Read more »


I have to say I respectfully disagree. Even though this isn’t my style, I still think I get something out of it, and I know that when it is my style I will super appreciate that there are a few posts on it. So I’m more than happy to read content on a style that isn’t mine knowing that it will benefit someone else and that it can come around to me in the end…. Also, I feel like any “le sigh” moment that I have is just because I’m waiting in anxious anticipation to see what the next style… Read more »


I think you misinterpreted my comment. What I was saying is that I now understand the point of view of people that I previously did not, NOT that this blog should be doing anything differently. You’re probably right that I’m not as into educational posts as you are, though, and I totally agree that everyone is unique in his/her preferences on what speaks to them.


I love these posts! I have to say, my favourite part about them is how informative they are. It really adds a little something extra to the roundups because I know more about what it is you are looking for in the objects you’re posting. So helpful! I’m not a professional interior designer (and my PhD student income does not justify hiring one) but I love design so much and really enjoy styling my own house. So coming from that perspective, I need all the help I can get. Even though this is not my particular style (its gorgeous but… Read more »


I love these posts. I come back to your blog again and again because you deconstruct the design/style process so well, I find I look at rooms differently. These “achieving X style” posts are instructive in how they break apart different components. As a non-stylist or interior designer, I can see and start to understand how juxtaposing and layering styles in different ways affects the overall feel of a room. So even if Parisian art deco is not a literal representation of how I style my home, I can learn from and be inspired by your this series. I know… Read more »


I absolutely love this! The accessories are all beautiful!


I would love to see series posts like this look and the “California Casual” look for a Pacific Northwest vibe and/or a industrial/eclectic/NY brownstone/city loft kind-of look. I love these series posts even though every style highlighted might not be the preferred style for my own home. Thank you Emily and team for taking the time to pull together resources like this!


These remind me of the fantasy girl Emily would describe as living in a space like this, a series that she doesn’t do anymore. I enjoyed conjuring up an image based on Emily’s imagination of what she wore, her favorite brand of champagne, her signature expression, etc. Relating the type to the living space with the accompanying teaching moment about the origins of the design style, and how to get it, appeals to a cross section of readers. It was, however, discontinued as unpopular, which was too bad! I have seen so many bloggers adopt a trend (hello Morroccan rug)… Read more »


The Sotheby’s bedroom was one of my favorites. That said, I have been to Paris numerous times and I have never seen anything that even remotely resembles this “Parisian art deco” style. ????.


Can we just admit that the crown moldings, trim, baseboard, ceiling medallions and those gorgeous floors are 50% of the look? Who needs to cover those up with baby pictures and 20 yr old wedding photos??


This is not to say it doesn’t exist. I’m sure it does. I would like to have seen it when I was there because I do feel it is inspiring. Like I said, the Sotheby’s bedroom design was probably my favorite EH design to date. The photos you used to illustrate this style are truly works of art. Thanks for sharing!


I don’t care for this look at all. It doesn’t feel very inviting to me, stark and a little too minimalist. I don’t mind the little kitchen in the last photo, although it feels like it’s missing something which is keeping it from its full potential, not sure what. I too think your Sotheby’s apartment was amazing and so I prefer your version of this style; a mix of old and new, which becomes timeless and full of character.


So the picture toward the top of the black marble fireplace and gray chairs – those people haven’t moved in yet, right? They are just storing a tiny bit of furniture in that space but haven’t actually placed things intentionally, right?

No? Huh.


This made me giggle. I too was thinking does anyone even live here? Then I remembered they did a photo shoot and it was styled this way. While this isn’t my style at all, I do appreciate seeing something different. I also love the round ups. Because even if I don’t particularly care for some of the very minimal, lonely rooms, I sure do love some of the accessories they don’t have.


I think that you are really brave to publish your blog. I look forward to reading it every day–even the days when the content isn’t my taste. People! Did you sit at your desk as a student and expect to love every single subject? Maybe that isnt the right comparison. If you watch TV, do you leave the same channel on and expect to love every show? Change the channel! Emily! Keep it up! I enjoy your show!


Not my style at all but I LOVE it! Some part of this nourishes me. Very stimulating to see this — gets the creative ideas flowing. Thank you!


In shock at how much that Kelly Wearstler “catch-all” costs…what on earth….


No kidding! It’s obscene. Have we learned nothing from 2008?


I love this style! I’ve said for a long time that I really like when homes have traditional architecture with modern furnishings. I had no idea what to call it. I’ve never felt completely modern or traditional. This style is a bridge between the two for me. Thank you for these posts. As a single male, I don’t relate to the family and fashion posts, but I get ones like these, so thank you. Love the look!


Chiming in to say, this isn’t my style at all (mid-century modern has my heart & home at the moment) but if I were ever into this – those accessories are brilliantly spot on! Good job team on curating the style so well.


Something is probably wrong with me but I love the style, though my apartment doesn’t look like this at all. I like how clean it feels, no clutter but still some interesting details.


I would rather see any type of interior design on this blog, whether it’s my style or not, over politics.


I really loved this post! I thought the photos were beautiful and inspiring and it was really fun to see something different. This has me thinking about how I could pair down the layered look to make more of a quiet statement. I hope you keep pushing us to explore more styles. Although I find my biggest challenge is that I like so many different styles I am not exactly sure where to start or stop. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration and the stellar accessory round up.


I LOVE this style. I’m trying to adopt many more sculptural pieces into my home and this series has been so useful!


I have to say – these Art Deco breakdowns have been some of my favorite content, as the style really speaks to me.

I would *love* to be directed to some dining chair options that fit this aesthetic…. in fact it would be great to get a round up of dining chairs for all of the recently discussed styles!!! Honestly, dining chairs always challenge me and I struggle to find ones that feel “special.”


I call this style the Elle Decor / Architectural Digest style. Lovely to look at, but I don’t know who lives like this. (Or, actually, I do know a few uberminimalists, but they’re rarely home, and don’t like stuff, so…)

susie Q.

I think one reason that this depresses me is that these large pieces are VERY large and very expensive, and they’re staged in these cold, grand, expansive rooms. Who lives here? What do they do for a living? The rooms are kind of like seating areas in a museum–beautiful, but not where you’d like to live.
That said, I think examining photos and pondering as to why they do NOT speak to you is a worthy exercise. I don’t always like everything Emily posts, and that’s okay!

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I don’t know that I’d be able to keep up this style because I seem to collect too much stuff, but I have to say, I find all of these both striking and soothing. I love these articles! I didn’t whine about the California Cool style, so it would be nice if people didn’t whine about this. 🙂

Rehana Malik

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