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A Boho ’70s-Inspired Bedroom With Opalhouse By Target



Yesterday, we debuted a ‘Victorian Glam‘ bedroom that I designed from the new Opalhouse collection, and today I’d like to introduce you to one of my other personalities – my Cali-boho-meets-’70s-Southwestern vibe. The Opalhouse collection from Target will really speak to anybody who loves the eclectic and vintage inspired, despite their style.

Bright Boho Bedroom

First off, we used another removable wallpaper in here, this time in a smaller and more subtle pattern.

Moroccon Night Stand Opalhouse Inspired Bedroom

I REALLY wanted to use that headboard – it was the impetus for this whole room (sorry if it’s still out of stock – keep checking as it will be available again but apparently I wasn’t the only one in love with it). I would have just used it in the other room with the floral wallpaper and done one space, but that is how Target shot it for their website and I wanted to do something different. I loved how it worked with this smaller pattern – it’s exciting but not overwhelming.

Eclectic Bedroom Rattan Headboard

How is this room so ‘me’, too, you ask? That blue, white and wicker with hits of rust and playful pom poms feel like ‘me’ just as much as the floral wallpaper. WHO AM ‘I’??

70s Inspired Bohemian Bedroom

We flanked the bed with two extremely heavy and high-quality Moroccan-inspired accent tables with very pretty marble tops. I liked how the darker wood tone grounded the whole room, although we tried the white nightstands from the other makeover in here which also looked good! So many options, so few rooms.

I’m telling you, you can really mix and match this collection, despite it being so eclectic (or maybe that’s exactly why it’s eclectic – it all works together…just pace yourself). In fact, the only challenge of the Opalhouse collection is that there are TOO many things to choose from and if you don’t give yourself some moments of ‘calm,’ it can look a little too colorful and chaotic. Everything is a bit more traditionally feminine with a lot of detailing, so you want to make sure that you are balancing that out with pieces in simple shapes or patterns.

The wallpaper is quiet enough that I could add that throw on the end of the bed (which really pulled the room together) but otherwise, I kept the bedscape quiet (are we saying ‘bedscape’ now? umm…no. Retract).

Opalhouse Global Textured Pillow

The bedding is a combo of a small print percale sheet set, a simple duvet (with some handstitched detailing) and a patterned blanket at the end of the bedscape bed.

Bright Bohemian Elcectic Bedroom

Those rust velvet pillows are so squishy and beautiful, and we finished it off with one of the collection’s many textural Moroccan-inspired throw pillows.

If you are wondering where the lights are, don’t worry – if you have a ’70s boho Cali vibe, you don’t need any. JK. Again, because the lamps in the Opalhouse collection are eclectic, they started looking busy with the headboard and the wallpaper so we chose plants and flowers instead. But rest assured that I realize you do indeed need lighting in a bedroom. I would highly suggest something with a simple shape here. I love the wicker lamps in the collection (although I would opt for a white shade) but between the headboard and the footstools at the end of the bed, we had enough wicker. At some point, you can be wicker heavy. It’s a delicate balance.

That cactus is incredibly cute and it falls in the ‘I’m a fake plant that’s not trying to look real’ category as it almost looks like a heavy duty papier maché. Also, I’ve joined the ranks of people who like fake flowers and plants – I make no apologies. I’m both embarrassed and proud of that statement. I’m going to do a blog post to make the case and show you what I mean and what the rules are about them, but this cactus would be in the ‘good’ category of faux foliage.

Target Faux Cactus Opalhouse Collection

It’s so cute!!! Also, please note the detail on that mirror (which we moved around a bit depending on the angle). It’s really heavy and beautiful, as well.

Opalhouse Target Southwest Bohemian Inspired Bedroom

I staged this all in the house of some friends – they just bought it but want to renovate some rooms before they move in so it was just sitting there. I proceeded to do what I do best, swooped in and said ‘HEY I’M GOING TO USE THIS FOR A SHOOT!’ As they came over every day to say hi, they couldn’t decide which room they liked more and changed their mind daily.

Rattan 70s Inspiried Bedroom

I know I harp on about patterns and the right mix, but here is why the particular marriage of prints in this space works:

  1. These patterns all share a color palette: Blue and white on the walls, rust(ish) and cream on the sheets with a blue stripe, big solid blocks of velvety rust on the pillows and the throw that brings it together with all of our colors in it. The rug in the room is also a neutral with hits of our coral/rust and pink in it. The colors you use don’t have to be perfectly matched, they just need to ‘speak’ to each other.
  2. All of these patterns are different scales and shapes (this is KEY). We have a little leaf motif on the wall, tiny dots on the sheets and, of course, mixed-width stripes on our throw (I LOVE that throw by the way – please look closely and you can see the white fringe on it). Even the headboard is a pattern but because the grids in it are large, it contrasts enough with the small-scale wallpaper.
  3. We have some solids breaking it up. If the big Euro pillows were emblazoned with a pattern, it would have been too much. The color is the perfect punch, but we needed a solid in between the patterns to give your eye a rest and keep it from getting too busy.

Emily Henderson Bohemian Inspired Bedroom Target

I also want to make a point (and I SO wished we had time to shoot this) that the furniture in these two rooms could absolutely be swapped and would look just as good (in fact we went back and forth and back and forth – physically – with the furniture to decide). And if the removable wallpaper scares you, feel confident that this furniture is eclectic and interesting on its own – you don’t need the paper, I just loved it and wanted to kick it up a notch for the posts.

Get The Look Target Opalhouse 70s Boho Bedroom 2

1. Wallpaper | 2. Headboard | 3. Duvet | 4. Sheet Set | 5. Pom Pom Garland | 6. Coral Fringe Pillow | 7. Cream Pillow | 8. Throw Blanket | 9. Side Table | 10. Rug | 11. Rattan Ottoman | 12. Artificial Cactus Plant | 13. Glass Vase | 14. Tray | 15. Terra Cotta Bud Vase | 16. Matchbox | 17. Candle | 18. Floor Mirror | 19. Elephant Basket 

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Totally not “me”, but so well styled!!!


This is lovely. And how cute is that elephant basket?!


I love examples (and explanation) of how to mix patterns. Beautiful!


I loved yesterdays room so much but I love this one even more! You’ve convinced me that this collection is filled with some lovely things that are worth checking out in person.

Somewhat off topic, but can you give any details on the wall-to-wall carpeting in your friends home? We have cream wall-to-wall in our master that needs to be replaced. I like the texture on this carpet.

I don’t know! it is really nice, though. I’m doing a post probably within the month on wall to wall with lots of tips (interviewing an expert). Thank you!


I’m interested in that carpet too, if you happen to learn anything about it.


Can I ask what pants you’re wearing? They’re so cute with the high rise and the wide leg!

The top is Target and the pants are Creatures of Comfort. They are so incredibly tailored and rigid. not the most flattering from the back because they are so high waisted, but they do the job from the front. 🙂


Emily, these rooms have been so good. Well done & thoughtful sponsored content is excellent to read and inspiring especially because I have a shot at affording some of these pieces. I do enjoy the spin you’ve been putting on the Opalhouse line and my favorite piece is definitely the aqua lumber pillow! Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to you, Emily. 🙂

ah, thank you 😉 that means a lot xx

Susie Q.

Cute room. I’m glad the cactus is fake: when my hand is groping in the dark for my glasses on the nightstand, I wouldn’t want to grab hold of a real cactus, LOL.

Ha. no. even a vase filled with water is risky in the middle of the night 🙂

patricia blaettler

This room is beautiful. It make me want to head straight to Target.
Which leads me to a nosy question: Your top is so cute and it made me wonder if you actually go to the store to buy clothes from Target? Or do you shop online? Or do they send you clothing which looks ‘like you’?

ha. I should probably write a whole post about it. I’m not the fashion spokesperson but I always like to wear Target in my Target home videos because I want to support them in every way. So sometimes if I’m going to be on national television for Target I get a budget for wardrobe but mostly I just shop like a normal person and buy what I like (and return what doesn’t fit).. Like most people I buy way too much, but honestly its gotten so much better since I’ve been with Target.the wearability is so much higher than it… Read more »


Emily (or anyone in the US really), do people actually TRY ON clothes in stores, or take a bunch of stuff home and try it on and then return things another day?!? I’m actually serious re: this question. I read this a lot and in Australia, the returning ‘thing’ isn’t common. We go to a store, try things on, look in the mirror, ask for opinions and either buy it coz it fits and we like it, or we don’t buy it. What’s with this try it on at home and then take it back if it doesn’t fit???


The answer is both 🙂 I try on in store. If I’m in s hurry or don’t feel like getting undressed (gosh that sounds lazy typing it out… but say I’m there with my kids, or I just went for milk and I’m just not in the zone…) I’ll grab of the rack and go. It sometimes, if I’m out while my kids are at school, and I see something for them, I’ll grab it for them to try on. And then there’s my favorite: order every thing online (im looking at you, swimsuits) to try on at home, knowing… Read more »


I hope you’ll be doing a room with the jaguar wallpaper from this line as well!

ooh… maybe i should… 🙂


I just checked and the headboard is in stock right now!


Bohemian is not my style at all, but I still find this room very beautiful! I love the pattern of that wallpaper, too, and think it would work with more traditional or modern furnishings as well.

thank you 🙂 I agree. I told them while I was at Target headquarters that while i’m not super ‘boho’ I’m extremely drawn to this line. The designers did such a good job of tapping into emotions and styles that seemed more fantastical, but could actually be more everyday. xx


Emily, great post, but it does bring up a question that I battle with in my home. Might go to the “rules” discussion or maybe not. How do you work with both white and cream? I’m hesitant to do it because I worry that the cream will look dirty against the white. This is a question for furniture, decor, walls even. Maybe you can do a blog on this issue? Or maybe I’m the only one that’s confused…


I would love to see this too.

HA. I was definitely worried about this and I went off about it on set. ‘does this look yellow next to these whites???’ Ultimately if you mix them equally it feels intentionally and it looks relaxing and calm and nuanced. You can’t do one cream with lots of whites, but our blanket had lots of tones of ‘whites’ in it so it made all our creams and whites really work together,. xx

Christie Grix

Ah- my spirit room! I love it!
How many rolls of paper would you say you used for the wall behind the bed. I plan on measuring my room before install but just trying to get a quick idea of cost.
Thank you!

I think around 6. that is a rough estimate but I remember thinking that number was good for a big wall 🙂


Emily. Stop it right now with that outfit. I’m about to hop on the 2018 Love Boat, and I mean that in the most enduring, complimentary way. SO CUTE!

Ha. thank you. its so true. the late 70’s, early 80’s are clearly so back. those pants pretty much give me a camel toe, but that high rise is so chic 🙂


love the room. my daughter just bought a house and this is exactly her style. Question – what flowers are those you are using on the nightstand – are they real. thanks.


Pretty sure they’re Proteas.

Yup. They are real and proteas. They last a long time, by the way but are only available at certain times in certain climates.


Another great room! I’m going to figure out someplace to put that wallpaper!


Pretty! I like the Victorian Glam just a smidge better. Maybe because the pattern on this wallpaper looks a bit like cockroaches to me? Sorry!!!

That fake cactus is totally fab. I have a ton of real ones, but as someone else mentioned, real ones can be dangerous. My poor UPS man was nearly impaled on the agave outside my front door a few months ago. Erg.

Lisa Carter

Hey Emily, the Target collections in the US are next level fantastic, but we don’t get ANY of them here in Australia. It’s KILLING ME – do you have any idea if we will ever see a collection here? Better yet, if we will ever see Opalhouse here??


I was just going to say the same thing! Insanely jealous of US Target with all these gorgeous pieces!!

I’m not one to comment on corporate strategy but I think that Target in the US markets to the US and Australia might be totally different (and i’m not sure they are even connected). Again, i’m only a spokes-person for style but as of right now I’d suggest coming to LA and shipping your goods home 🙂


Me too!!! I could buy half that stuff for our guest room which really needs a re-vamp, BUT it’s not in Australia!!

classic casual home

This is so beautiful…I could think of a million ways to use that tray. The wallpaper is timeless, too!
Mary Ann


Emily!!! You killed it again! This is one of my favorite rooms you’ve done! Love it all!


ah thank you 🙂


You have my vote. I love how airy it looks. Perfect for spending day in bed.


love what you did in both bedrooms! Great job…..(you too Target)


Love!!! Posts like this are awesome – totally attainable eye candy that still looks different and fun. It’s this blog at its best!


I absolutely love this new Target collection! I’m a long time reader and fan and I love everything that you do, Emily (though this is the first time I’ve left a message :)). I just can’t believe how good and affordable Target is in the US! I was drooling over the Pillowfort Collection (for my kids) a while back and this one is even better! Here in Australia Target is like a completely different store, as in they have very few decor and furniture items (and what they have is nothing special, to be honest). I’m seriously considering relocating my… Read more »


Lara!! I will trade you Target for your Prime Minister, but you have to take our president, too… Deal?


P.S.- I LOVE Target, and there would be tears. But I’d still make the trade. <3


Haha, that’s hilarious, I hadn’t thought of Trump! We’ll probably have to stay in Australia then -and put up with Turnbull and a lame Target 🙂


I’d choose to never have Target goodies like the US does, rather than Trump. Malcolm Turnbull’s a winner!! We’re keeping him. Ha!


Yea, I thought you might say that… ????!!


I LOVE THIS!! I have been fawning over this collection and had about 488 tabs open on my computer of different opalhouse items I wanted to buy…you styled these rooms SO timelessly and beautifully. I’m going to makeover my bedroom with it!

Julie P

I bought the end of bed throw and it’s amazing! Thanks Emily!! I even used it as a tablecloth for a baby shower gift table. Soooooooo many cool points for this throw.

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