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9 Affordable (budget) Powder Room Designs (aka the 1/2 bath)



The powder room AKA half bathroom – although typically the smallest of all the rooms in your house, can be an opportunity to make a big statement for you and your guests. Because these bathrooms are small and often not a room that you spend a lot of time in, you have a huge opportunity to do something unique and fun in there, but it’s not a room in which I splurge for obvious reasons. So we’ve taken on the task and designed 9 budget-friendly powder rooms for you. All of these below lean more on the affordable side and everything them in them is off the shelf and ready to order or pick up in store. Let’s get into it:

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 011

Graphic and Monochrome: Our Cement Tile Roundup post continues to still be one of our most popular and for good reason. People love a good statement tile and this bathroom has exactly that. It is black and white and graphic and I am very into the monochromatic but still visually interesting combo of items in here.

Tile | Hook | Mirror | Pendant | Faucet | Sink | Paint | Counter | Hand Towel | Toilet

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 02

Bright and Traditional: At only 1k for all the bathroom materials this one pretty impressively affordable for a traditional setup. The basketweave tile and traditional details are something that will always be in style but the light blue paint color helps it from feeling too boring and predictable.

Tile | Hand Towel | Mirror | Faucet | Sink | Sconce | Paint | Toilet | Towel Ring

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 03

Regency Luxe: We aren’t quite sure if regency and luxe is a trend that is going to stay in or out in 2018 but for the right home I love this glamorous and soft setup. Marble, blush pink, and some chrome details will always be something that I am into. I could definitely powder my nose in this bathroom.

Tile | Bath Towels | Mirror | Faucet | Vanity | Sconce | Paint | Towel Ring | Toilet

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 04

California Casual: Because what we dubbed california casual” became one of the most popular series and styles of 2017 on the blog we decided to pull together a bathroom inspired by that vibe. It has some industrial inspired elements in it like the edison bulb light and shelf mirror but the textural tones and that spanish tile floor sound very inviting.

Tile | Hand Towel | Mirror | Faucet | Sink and Drain | Pendant | Hook | Paint | Counter | Toilet

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 05

Geometric Spanish: In case you missed our post on what splurge worth tile or wallpaper can do for a room, click through here. But this tile is doing all the talking in this bathroom and is saying all the right things. Because the floor tile is such a statement the rest of the items and colors in the bathroom stayed neutral but with a tile like that you don’t need much else going on.

Tile | Hook | Mirror | Faucet | Sink | Pendant | Hand Towel | Paint | Counter | Toilet

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 06

Wood and White: For those of you that like less of everything – including color in your powder room then this one is for you. It is minimal yet still warm what with those hits of wood in the hook, lighting and the mirror. And that floor tile looks textural and graphic without introducing something busy and fussy into a small bathroom.

Tile | Hook | Mirror | Faucet | Sink | Pendant | Hand Towels | Paint | Counter | Toilet

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 071

Gold and Glam: Does it look like it might be the powder room of one of the golden girls… slightly. Do we still like it?… of course. The 80’s are back in design and fashion in a more refined way and we love it. The rounded shapes and mix of gold, ivory, cream, and marble are making me want to apply some blue eyeshadow in that mirror – just be sure to leave your shoulder pads at home.

Wallpaper | Tile | Mirror | Faucet | Sink | Towel Ring | Towel | Sconce | Toilet | Tank | Seat & Cover

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 08

Woodsy and Warm: This one speaks a bit to my Pacific Northwest roots, and I can see this particular bathroom in a modern yet warm cabin in the woods. If green walls aren’t for you then you could keep the walls white and you still have a really pretty powder room for your guests to enjoy.

Tile | Towel Ring | Stripe Towel | Sconce | Mirror | Sink | Faucet | Paint | Counter | Toilet

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Bathroom Budget Friendly Moodboard 09

Marbled and Modern: This bathroom is really selling that marbled wallpaper and I love the juxtaposition of the organic lines of the marble with the geometric and angular mirror on top. Could I live in this bathroom every day? NO, but could I use it to wash my hands every day? YES.

Wallpaper | Tile | Hand Towel | Hook | Mirror | Faucet | Sink | Sink Stopper | Flush Mount Light | Counter | Toilet 

Last but not least, a few things to keep in mind before you tackle your powder room remodel. These prices are obviously not including any labor which will differ depending on where you live, and for all of them we either included a vanity or a countertop and sink combo that could be used to replace your current setup, so if you decide to do something custom under the countertops then your price will go up a bit from this as well. And some of these prices have slightly changed since we checked them last night (due to New Years sales ending) so check the most recent prices through the links for exact pricing as it might be slightly different although they all still are very budget friendly. Let us know if you have any questions on any of these and which one is your favorite of the bunch?

And what do you want us to do next? We’ll start working on them but we may as well do the ones that you want us to do. These are typically more renovation based budget posts (not the living room/bedroom/dining room 3 ways) but let us know what you want and we’ll tackle. xx

Fin Mark


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OK – so here is a somewhat daft cultural question. Why are none of these toilets hanging toilets? I’m planning on remodelling my bathroom next year and have taken far more interest in toilets, sinks and showers than is healthy. One thing that I find fascinating is comparing what is available over the pond vs. here at home in Europe. (Thank you Pinterest) For example, I love the old fashioned cast iron hanging sinks such as American Standard which aren’t available here. (And I want one really badly!) In the same way, I rarely (if ever) see a hanging toilet… Read more »


I’ve wondered the same thing! I’m an American and I don’t understand why we don’t usually have access to things like hanging toilets, or for that matter, hanging towel-warming racks. I think the American style (non-hanging) toilet might be easier to install, and also, we generally have fairly large bathrooms (I think the hanging ones are a little better at saving space), so that would be my guess as to why there isn’t more outcry for hanging ones, but I’d love to hear from someone who knows the real answer.

Julie P

There are “hanging” toilets available here in the US. Wall mounted toilets are higher end because they require a special $1,000 piece of plumbing fixture installed inside your wall. I think maybe people doing a remodel either can’t or don’t want to open up the wall, don’t want the large added expense etc. I bet they do get installed in new build high end contemporary homes. I wish I could justify the expense in my sons bathroom. I’d love to not have to wipe dribbles off that silly toilet base…


I believe the primary reason is affordability. Wall hung toilets are not readily available in the US and need a special order to purchase (ie – you can’t just go to the Home Depot and pick one up). I believe they are more than twice the cost of a regular toilet. Both Toto and Kohler make them so they are available. Also, they require a plumber with experience to install. That adds to the cost. This is not necessarily a quick DIY project, as a regular toilet would be. They are best suited to new construction, as retro fitting one… Read more »

Yep,. its affordability. i like them a lot for certain styles and certainly for cleaning, but they don’t fall in our budget/affordable roundups 🙂


To answer people’s questions about wall mounts… I installed a Toto wall mount toilet in a bath remodel because the original toilet layout didn’t have enough leg room in front of the toilet for current codes. This meant we had to move the toilet drain pipe and reinforce the studs in the supporting wall. The cost of the toilet, the in-wall tank and the seat was about $1200. The labor was another $1200. Gaining an extra 6″ in front of the toilet and having a sleek, minimal design was worth it. It’s much quieter than the 40 year old toilet… Read more »


I dabble in commercial design work and the hanging toilets I come across flush really loud so we only use them in multi-stall restrooms or a back bathroom where noise doesn’t matter. Any residential designers out there ever use wall-hung toilets?


I’m not a designer, but my husband is a plumber and we put in a European style toilet in a half bath we did for our backyard. There were several options available on Signature Hardware that I thought were quite affordable. We got one there and like it. Rear outlet toilets is what they are called. They are useful for a bathroom remodel or addition when working with a slab foundation.


I had never thought of using a hanging toilet in a residential situation (we see them all the time in public restrooms) until I saw one last week on a decorating show in a small bathroom. It’s the perfect solution for our small ensuite and I plan on using them in the other bathrooms for the aesthetic and easy cleaning. Couldn’t believe I’d never seen them in person before. They do however seem pretty expensive compared to a regular toilet (500-1000 for the wall tank, 300-600 for the toilet, 100-300 for the seat, plus installation costs). You’re looking at 900-1900… Read more »


Wow – thanks for the replies everyone.

Yep – hanging toilets cost more here too (the UK) but are pretty standard in somewhere like Germany. In fact, I was in a 1970s Germany house (with original contemporary bathroom fittings in yellow/ peach no less) over Christmas and was surprised to see that even back then they had hanging toilets.

Was unaware that they are noisier! Will have to check that out before I choose to get one installed. But indeed, my bathroom is tiny – which is why I’ve been considering one.


I started looking up a few options last night and apparently the toilet water sits lower than normal toilets and lots of people have complained about needing to *ehem* clean them more frequently. I don’t know if it’s only certain models that have this issue, but check reviews for the ones you are looking to install.


Woodsy and Warm is my favorite. I’m really having a thing for deep greens at the moment, which makes even the most modern designs sway traditional (juxtaposition! Woooo!).

A full bath with floor and wall tiles would be crazypants awesome, though I realize it might be a bit weird to do it immediately after this post.


Oh yes I would LOVE a “several affordable full baths” post. I have 4 (!) bathroom renovations in my future and I need HALP.


Yes. Love these. A full bath with larger double vanity would be killer.


I like this post – my favorite one is the Monochromatic and Graphic. For a future reno designs post, I think it’s hard to say what I’d like to see since you’ve already done bathrooms and kitchens – maybe a budget laundry and utility room (mine is one big room that includes both)? For a future 3 Ways post, I’d like to see any of the following: library guest bedroom, cozy petite guest bedroom, personal yoga studio, and homeschool classroom.


I’d love to see a laundry room post, with some practical pretty storage and paint choices (especially when your laundry room is a glorified windowless closet!).

Helen Whaley

I’ll second that request! Impulsively, I bought a new red washer and dryer and am now faced with designing the tiny laundry room around them. There goes my dream of pale blue checked floor tile.

Kate K

Great post! I’d love to see posts about:

– designing multiple bathrooms in a house (how do you make them cohesive but not too matchy)
– tile combos for bathrooms. So hard to pick tile for floor, walls, shower floor etc!
– mixing metals in a home
– kitchen cabinet paint color/pull combos (different color for island or tuxedo style etc)


I second full bathroom options. I’m struggling with vanity ideas that will have enough storage for 5 people and also tile combinations.


do you have any links to possible cabinets would you recommend of the graphic and monochrome scheme? thanks for the timely post!


Great sinks but what about affordable vanities to put them on. Help!


I love the Cali-Cas, but I always worry it’ll fight the natural style of our house too much.

I would love to hear your carpet recommendations. I know wall-to-wall carpet isn’t cool, but I like how it feels! And it’s so much easier to replace carpet with carpet. What are the main types of US-readily available carpets? Least offensive aesthetically, but balanced with plushy comfort? Cleaning factors? Pet factors? Specific experience with any vendors?


I second this too! I’m in a condo where wall-to-wall carpet is required in most rooms (blurgh), and most design blogs don’t talk about carpet because it’s not cool. I’d love to hear recommendations on long-lasting carpet that doesn’t make a house look like an 80s subdivision.


Yes to a carpet post! I’d like a really informative post (for both wall-to-wall and area rugs) on what to consider when purchasing, which fibers are most durable, brands/vendors, etc. Maybe not the most glamorous topic, but it would be appreciated (much like the toilet roundup you did a while back).


Could you do table/floor lighting combos? I have no overhead lighting in my living room and playroom (house built in 1947 and has plaster walls so a pain to install hardwired lighting). I need like 4-5 lights per room and am currently relying on random lights that look good individually, but kind of weird together.


This, please! We live in a 1300 sq ft apartment with exactly THREE overhead lights (one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom). It is a fight against the dark and since we rent we are unable to install any overhead lighting. I would love some help making all our lighting sources look cohesive!


Love this! Would be VERY interested in a post on bathroom art. I find it hard to pick the right pieces that make an impact and are also appropriate for a bathroom. If there’s anyway to weave this into some kind of post, would be all ears. Happy new year!

Olivia M

We are in the planning stages for re-doing our half-bath so this is so well timed. Thank you!!!


I like a lot of these, although I do wish you’d included vanity options for all of them. Most of the ones I love just have the sink and countertop shown. My vanity is in bad shape, so I’d need to replace that too and would love some ideas.


I’d love to see a post on whole house design – how to express color/elements throughout house so the design looks cohesive throughout. I’d also love to see a post on fireplace design, or figuring out a personal style.


I second this! Would be great to have a post about paint colors for an entire house, keeping it interesting yet cohesive.


Thank you! This was so helpful and timely. Tackling my disgusting powder room (mint green vanity + beige tile + corroding 90’s sheet mirror = most revolting room in my house) is at the top of my 2018 list.

Other ideas for 2018 posts: styling the inside of closets (linen, pantry, etc); general tips on space planning, especially in large or awkward rooms; home office round up; answering a reader’s dilemma with before/after shots (a pipe dream, but one can hope!); anything kitchen round-up


Love that hook from the Wood and White board. I just ordered it, can’t wait to get it for my powder room. Thanks for the tip. Julia


kids’ bathroom! and full guest bathroom!

Julie S

These are all so well put together! I am currently collecting ideas for a bathroom remodel next year. We don’t have a half bath, just the master and then the smallish hall/my young daughters/guests full bath. I do want to make it stylish and interesting in the manner of a half bath so I loved this post – only wish it had a couple attractive storage mirrors included as they are so handy.


I love this post! I’m updating my powder room now so this is such useful information for me. Marbled and Modern is what I’m doing but I looooove the round mirror in Geometric Spanish.

I would really like to see a post on inviting front porches bearing in mind that some of your readers (me for one) only have a square of concrete. I’d love ideas about house numbers, outdoor rugs, lighting, plant pots, etc. to spruce up the porch.


I loved the variety of looks–pinned two of them right away. I’m in the planning stages for building an ADU/Mother in Law Flat and it’s nice to get the ideas for my line item budget. My square footage may be a slightly bigger but not regular house size so this is a great yardstick. And it’s already designed for me with two looks I really love.

For future posts I would like to see what you would do in a smaller kitchen, a laundry/pantry, and a foyer situation–all in less than grand square footage.

Julia C

Great post! I am thinking of redoing our powder room next year so this was great to read. Question about metallics in bathrooms- do they all need to match? I want to use a wallpaper with gold in it but we already have a sink with a silver faucet. Should I find a different wallpaper? Thank you!


Awesome! This is perfect timing since I was looking for a faucet and sink for our bathroom renovation. Great sources! Thanks 🙂


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Thanks for this awesome post! I’m rehabbing my home right now and I have the smallest powder room every. Like your knees hit the sink small. This is helpful for me to figure out how to still get a look even when working in the tight space!


2 cents being thrown in here. I have the Kohler Santa Rosa (Regency Luxe) and, while I love the look, I hate the toilet. Problem since day one–water runs for an abnormally long time before shutting off. Also the trap is missing glaze in areas. The raw porcelain is now permanently discolored due to my hard water. Very disappointed in the quality and will never buy Kohler again. I’m looking to replace it (after one year!!) with a similar style by Toto.


Thanks for all of the great resources! We’re planning a powder room reno this year, and that warm and woodsy board has me all starry-eyed.
Random question: Is there any way to make the mood board graphic at the top scroll just a little bit slower? I love to see all of the options side by side, but they flash past too quickly for me to focus on them!


Wow these are so affordable but actually so nice. I’m super impressed. I really love that you included dimensions in here. I have a small bathroom that’s still got a shower but it is so out of date and the dimensions for the tiles ect helped me apply it to that one. Thanks!


The ‘gold & glam’ toilet has terrible reviews! Please for round ups consider endorsing products we should actually buy!

Megan A.

This is too funny! We just worked on our powder room a short while ago and a few of the items you have listed above – we used! (Or very close to it). Which makes me feel like I have a E.H. approved powder room 🙂 We have the gold hexagon mirror from the Marbled & Modern board, a pedestal sink, the exact globe light fixture from Woodsy & Warm board and an almost exact faucet from the Wood & White board. We are adjusting the water lines for the sink (and floor is being ripped out next year), but… Read more »


Loved this! I’d love to see one of these actually “installed”. I know that you’re not doing client work as much, but a half bath install for a more real life client might not take as long?! Would love to see your process more behind the scenes. Seeing the before and your design process in real time, sort of room one challenge style! Also: would love to see you get micro blading done! I’ve been lusting over getting it done and would love to see Your hilarious spin on it! Hope the year brings you lot of excitement and new… Read more »


This is so great! We are starting our bathroom renovations in 3 weeks! Love a few of these!


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These are by far my favorite posts that you do!


I fall between Woodsy/Warm and California casual. I picked up the pendant for Woodsy/Warm immediately! because I have a vision for the Powder room we’re building and the electrical is already done for a pendant- but I needed an idea! Plus the price was right on Overstock.


I have a question about wallpaper in a powder room… Do you always paper the whole room or would you sometimes just do 1 or 2 walls? If so, which walls?

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