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88 Affordable and Budget Friendly Sofas Under $1000



When it comes to sofas and the internet, the results are pretty overwhelming. Google the word “sofa” and you get over 530 MILLION results, which means there is a plethora of people looking for the right sofa and a plethora of the WRONG sofas being purchased by said people. And we get it, buying online for one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room can be overwhelming. Which is why a few years back we wrote about avoiding the generic sofa. Still to this day it continues to be one of our most popular and referenced posts, and for very good reason. Buying a sofa is not easy, buying an affordable sofa is even harder, and buying an affordable sofa online makes you want to pull your hair out. Which is why most people end up grabbing something locally from a huge retailer out of sheer desperation. We concluded that most people don’t want to buy bad sofas, they just don’t know where to buy good ones for an affordable price. So we decided it was time for an updated and improved roundup, but this time we have really scoured the internet to bring to you the best under $500, the best from $500-$750, and the best from $750-$1000. Which means you have got 88 sofa’s under $1000 for your buying pleasure below.


Now before we get into it, you should know that we haven’t sat in or seen every single one of the sofas below. There are a few like the sofa above that we used in a recent target shoot, or #22 below which we used in Sylvia’s living room makeover that we saw, tried, and approve of. But the rest we can’t vouch for when it comes to how comfortable they are, how the fabric will hold up or the quality of them. But, when it comes to the affordable online sofa game we can approve of these guys below based on their price, style, and design. Now let’s get into it.


1. Linen Roll Arm Sofa | 2. Franklin Sofa | 3. KARLSTAD Sofa | 4. Arthur Sleeper Sofa | 5. Ferris Sleeper Sofa | 6. Wide Track Arm Sofa | 7. Alcott Sofa | 8. Chisolm Sofa | 9. Gray Leather Track Arm Sofa | 10. Wood Frame Convertible Sofa | 11. Vintage Tufted Sleeper | 12. Mid Century Wood Frame Sofa | 13. Dark Gray Iron Legged Sofa | 14. EKTORP Loveseat | 15. Leighton Storage Futon | 16. Mid Century Modern Sofa | 17. Hallie II Sofa | 18. Anywhere Sleeper Sofa | 19. Riggle Velvet Loveseat | 20. Marley Sofa | 21. Barryknoll Tufted Upholstered Loveseat | 22. Tulsa Sleeper Sofa | 23. Procyon Sleeper Sofa | 24. Lucia Faux Leather Sleeper Sofa | 25. Mid Century Modern Tufted Linen Sofa | 26. Westbury Premium Futon | 27.  Madison Tufted Back Convertible Sofa | 28. Bolduc Sofa | 29. Hartley Upholstered Duet Daybed | 30. Daine Modern Tufted Sofa


1. Winslow Sleeper Sofa | 2. Kendall Sofa | 3. Patterson Mid Century Sofa | 4. Emerson Sofa | 5. KIVIK Sofa | 6. Quentin Chesterfield Sofa | 7. Nolee Folding Sofa Bed | 8. Freeland Apartment Sofa | 9. FARLOV Sofa | 10. Berwick Sleeper Sofa | 11. Apel Sofa | 12. Bonded Leather Sofa | 13. Carmen Sofa | 14. Bowery Sofa | 15. Calloway Sofa | 16. NOCKEBY Loveseat | 17. Oliver Sleeper Sofa | 18. Alice Sofa | 19. Redding Mid Century Sofa | 20. NORSBORG Loveseat | 21. Beaumont Sofa | 22. Felton Tufted Sofa | 23. Anton Sleeper Sofa | 24. STOCKSUND Loveseat | 25. Emma Sofa | 26. Calderon Capri Sofa | 27. Adore Sofa | 28. Brock Sofa


1. Sloan Apartment Sofa | 2. Eddy Sofa | 3. Ceni Sofa | 4. Chamberlin Sofa | 5. Phoebe Brown Sofa | 6. Esme Sofa | 7. Ethan Marled Tweed Sofa | 8. Bryce Sofa | 9. Sarah Sleep Sofa | 10. Minna Velvet Sofa | 11. Casey Sofa | 12. Woven Stellan Upholstered Loveseat | 13. Anton Sofa | 14. Cabell Sleeper Sofa | 15. Modern Soft Round Cushion Sofa | 16. Obel Sofa | 17. Cirrus Sofa | 18. Beckham Sofa | 19. Uptown Club Sleeper | 20. LANDSKRONA Loveseat | 21. Rochester Sofa | 22. Tate Estate Sofa | 23. Retro Tillery Sofa | 24. Ethan Sleeper | 25. Abigail Sofa | 26. Finn Sofa | 27. Tufted Mid Century Modern Upholstered | 28. Ronan Sofa | 29. Jessica Sofa | 30. Lakewood Sofa

So many favorites and good deals from all of the above, but if I had to narrow it down to one from each category I would have to say, #1 (the Linen Roll Arm Sofa), #9 (the white slipcovered FARLOV Sofa, with the single seat cushion), and #29 (the Jessica Sofa – tufted, turned legs and all the right curves). But, which ones are your favorites from each category, and if you have tried any of the above let us know in the comments below.

**Photos by Bjorn Wallander and Tessa Neustadt

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For me, the challenge is finding an affordable, not-generic sofa that is ALSO of decent quality/comfort. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know about quality/comfort if you can’t physically sit on it before buying. I’d love to see one of these posts in which all the sofas listed can be vouched for, though I understand that would require the EHD team to do lots of napping (Best. Problem. Ever.).


YES I second this! I know that I won’t get a couch that will last a lifetime on my $1000-$1500 budget, but I do want to get the best value for my money. I’m having trouble find decent reviews for couches in that price range, and I don’t live in an area where I can actually test out couches from a lot of places. Any advice would be helpful!


You seriously can’t go wrong with joybird. You get to pick your fabric and they custom make it based on your selection. Takes a while, but so worth it. And they offer a 365 day return policy. (I don’t work there- I’m just a repeat customer who is super impressed with their products/service.) It looks like they’re running a 20% off sale now which puts most of their sofas in your price range.


My Joybird order ran weeks late for delivery and after almost a year of wear, the cushions are still really stiff. So anyone looking for a comfy, soft couch may be better off elsewhere.


I agree! Thanks for the roundup. I love that there are lots of stylish options, but comfort and durability are just as important to me. (I realize that would be a MUCH more labor-intensive post to research and write, though!)


I agree! I would love a post with the sofas sorted by type of foam and structure. It would save so much time to have a list of sofas with high density foam or wood frames (rather than plywood or particle board). I can quickly see if I like the style of a couch but it takes time to research the construction. I’d rather have a culled list of high-density foam sofas to reference then I’ll pick the style that works for my home.


This round up seems to be a good spring board for anyone who wants to look into construction. Since it’s already a really narrowed down list, it shouldn’t take too much time to get into the details of each of these. Just an idea! 🙂


Just wanted to suggest Liberty Manufacturing Co for affordable, durable, stylish couches. We have had the Jackson Flip sectional the last 2 years, with a large dog, baby and preschooler all climbing over it, spilling on it DAILY and it has held up beautifully so far! The dogs’rough pads and nails caused some pilling around the 2 year mark but I used a fabric shaver and it’s back to looking brand new. Bonus that they’re made in LA!


This list is GOLD! Thank you, thank you. I would love to see a post as such about leather sofas and sectionals (specifically sectionals).

Just throwing this out there, but have any readers seen/sat on the Article Swen sofa/sectional in leather?


Hi, Karen! She did a roundup of sectionals the other da. I’m sure if you search “sectional” in her search bar it will pop up! 🙂 I think many of them come in leather… or at least the one I have does. Good luck! (Check Room & Board.)


I have the Article Sven sofa in tan leather. It’s great looking, stays tidy looking, and is very comfortable.
I have napped and slept all night on it several times. My only caveat is that when watching tv, I like to stretch my legs out. I’m only 5’2″ so I need an ottoman for my feet in order to be comfortable. Upon further reflection, I might have been better off with a sofa that has a chaise on one end. Otherwise, I’m completely satisfied.

Sarah from Article

Glad to hear you’re loving your Sven, Patricia! If you need a pouf or ottoman to pair with it for maximum relaxing — let us know!

Karen – She’s not a reader, but Sara does have our Sven sofa in Charme Tan! Loving how it looks in her living room here: Let us know if we can answer any questions you might have about Sven’s comfort/dimensions or if you’re in need of fabric samples!


How comfortable is the Burrard sofa? And how durable will the fabric be for kids? Looking at the light grey option.

Sarah from Article

When first samples of it arrived to Article HQ, test sitting the Burrard was a popular lunch past-time. It’s a firmer seat than Sven, but still super nap-able. The addition of duck down feathers does mean its back pillows will need some regular plumping/fluffing but it’s super comfy and there’s tons of room to stretch out. The sectional version is my top consideration for my own home and our Creative Director currently has it in her loft! The fabric is super durable — I’ve seen the Seasalt Grey fabric in plenty of homes with children. Kismet House over on Instagram… Read more »


We have the Sven and LOVE it. 2 years later with daily use from 3 children (and 2 adults) including napping, snacking and more, it continues to be holding up great and is still the most comfortable seat in the house!


Is there anything you suggest we look for in descriptions of these more affordable sofas that might suggest greater durability, comfort, etc?


This is a great idea! I would love to know what to look for when shopping online that suggests more (or less) quality and comfort.

Similarly, what other info do you have to share about shopping online? I’ve never purchased such a large item online without testing it in person first, and my main concern is that shipping would cost an arm and a leg. THEN what if I didn’t like it? Do most retailers offer a money back guarantee? What about shipping costs to get it and return it?

#1 looks gorgeous but the link is incorrect. I’d love to check it out!


Unrelated, buy do you have any idea of the source of the striped rug in the first photo? Thanks! 🙂

Hard to find a sofa that is comfortable and blends in with antiques pkus dog friendly. Leather is a great choice.


but Emily, if it’s not comfortable it doesn’t matter what the style is. that is why I dread shopping online.

Dang, EHD. Awesome list! I wonder how comfortable the sleepers are at this price point? Not a huge concern, but something I’ve wondered in my search for affordably priced sleeper couches.


Thanks for the “I’m a sleeper” dot! My daughter would love a small sleeper sofa in her room and some of these are great (and affordable!) options.


We have #17 from Living Spaces in my husband’s office and really like it. We didn’t want to spend a ton of money in there because it’s mostly for when he wants to play video games on his older model X-Box. So mostly the cats sleep on it. It’s actually pretty comfy. The cushions are a bit firm but they’ll probably soften up over time. The cats have no complaints though! They like the style and it’s neutral enough that it doesn’t clash with their fur.


I have the Article Anton sofa (#13 in the last category) in blue. I LOVE IT. Very comfortable – not super soft but has done the trick for a few naps already. Nice quality fabric that is holding up to a 45 lb dog and a toddler that is usually covered in yogurt. We have had it for about 2 months now so I cant vouch for longevity but so far I am very impressed. Plus they have $49 shipping and a 30 day return policy where you are only on the hook for the shipping.

Sarah from Article

This is awesome, Amanda! Naps, puppy play dates, and snacktime with a toddler? Sounds like Anton is having the best time at your house. 😉


Be very careful about buying a sofa from West Elm. I bought one that was way more than a thousand dollars and within eight months the leg broke off. They did nothing to help me out and it now has a stack of books for a leg. What a disaster. It seemed comfortable in the store, but the cushions became very “smooshy” within a short time.


I’m in love with #1 and can’t believe the price on it! I have #26, the West Elm Finn Sofa and I don’t know if I recommend it. We have the loveseat version and it kind of wobbles on the legs so I assume the sofa version is even more wobbly. Also we went with the performance velvet so it would be easy to clean up after our kids but it looks and feels more like microfiber so you get all the butt prints and everything. It is easy to clean and we’ve gotten everything out of it but it’s… Read more »


We have an Ikea Karlstad sectional we bought over 8 years ago, and it’s seriously amazing! It’s not the cushiest sofa in the world, and it’s definitely not the star of the room, but the style is so neutral that you can decorate around it really easily. The dark gray fabric has held up fantastically to 3 dogs and a toddler, and is machine washable. Tragically, they don’t make the sectional anymore.


I second this. I have the karlstad sectional in black leather. It has held up great to young children, and it is very comfortable for a structured, minimalist sofa. (I love that it never loses its shape and always looks neat). I think the Landskrona has replaced the Karlstad.

I don’t care how good something looks, if it is not also comfortable, it will not get into our home.
Life is too short to be uncomfortable, especially if it is only to impress other people. I absolutely will not buy a chair or sofa without first sitting in it myself. I’ve also found you get what you pay for in terms of quality and that cheap is sometimes good value but most times not. i.e., I’d rather pay a little more and have something last a lot longer.

susie Q.

Agree. When buying chairs, sofas, or mattresses it doesn’t pay to skimp on quality.


I can vouch for the Ikea Kivik (#5). I have had mine for about 5 years now and still looks brand new. This couch is comfortable and has washable covers. It has survived 2 cats, one dogs, and two people who love their evening TV couch time. I would recommend it for the price, comfort, and durability. There are a few online stores that now carry replacement covers that completely change the look of the sofa for a few hundred bucks as well. I am considering getting a new cover just to change the look because it has held up… Read more »


Agree!!!! I’ve had the kivik sectional for about 5 years, and it has held up so well. And is so comfy!


YES! We bought the Kivik 2+3 sectional purely for comfort. It is deep and the cushions are memory foam. At the time I thought “but what would Emily think of this” hahaha. So I am so happy to see it is EHD-approved! 😀

This is an awesome round up! We’ve been wanting new couches in our living room for ages!



This is GREAT. I’m not in the market for a sofa at the moment, but I’m saving this for future reference – its just good to have a list of affordable retailers to check out when you’ve looked at your typical three places and feel stumped! Who knew Urban Outfitters had so much furniture?? I’ve been using them exclusively for ironic coffee table books and overpriced temporary tattoos! Thanks for the eye-opener.


Was reading the comments and it sounds like a lot of people want to know if the couches are comfortable aka having you test them all out. It sparked an idea since I really like the variety of the EH Teams style, I would love to hear from each of them on Tried and True. A place for non-sponsored (though don’t get me wrong, I have zero issue with sponsored posts) of random stuff that you buy for your home time and again. A range in price point and functionality would be really fun to see. Hope you like the… Read more »


Love it. I get so much from the blogs “recent finds”, and they are always wonderful, often things I would not pick if not for my friend me telling me.

Ikea is discontinuing their largest version of the Stocksund and it’s currently under $500 in store! It’s a steal for a 98″ wide sofa and I can vouch for comfort and durability–ours has been great so far!


I have 2 of the largest Stocksunds in the ljungen gray and I agree, so comfortable! We got the light legs, I roughed them up with a bit of sandpaper and put a little stain on them and they look really good. We have a big room, 3 young kids and baby on the way, I couldn’t beat the washable slipcovers, large size and the price considering kids aren’t exactly careful with furniture.


Where is that first blue sofa from that is in the very first blog picture? I don’t think it’s included in the three different round ups.


My sofa/chair shopping process is usually this: drag husband to our local furniture superstore (Nebraska Furniture Mart in KC), give him a quick list of specifications (budget, leather or cloth, size, color). Then, I spend 30-45 minutes wandering around the showroom, analyzing all of the options and sitting in many of them, before finding him sprawled across one that generally meets all of my requirements, messing with his phone. I suggest 3-4 other sofas – he says no, none of them are as comfy as the one he’s spent the last half an hour creating a butt-print on. We buy… Read more »


I’d love to hear if anyone has tried number 1 in the first group from Amazon. That looks special.
I’ve seen number 11 in the first set and I’m sorry yo say, it was not good. THe person had it about 6 months and it already looked awful. (They thought so too. I’m not talking smack)


I will put in another comment to warn people about West Elm couches. I owned the Bliss, down filled sofa from West Elm. The legs became loose/wobbly, the seat cushion was never comfortable, always too stiff. The couch did look nice but it just wasn’t what I wanted comfort and quality wise. Last year I decided to buy couches from somewhere in person and I ended up with the Crate and Barrel Lounge 2 Petite. Its fantastic, so well built, down wrapped foam cushions. You sink in just the right amount but still feel supported, it just feels like a… Read more »

susie Q.

Well, I can personally vouch for #14 on the first list (ikea love seat). One thing I noticed: many sofas on list one are actually love seats, thus the lower price–so check dimensions before purchasing. A few years ago there was a super cute sofa I was interested in–I think it was for sale at Macy’s. I sat on it in person and liked it–however, after reading reviews of it online I learned that its nubby fabric pilled in no time. So even if you do test a sofa out in the showroom, be sure to read the online reviews… Read more »


I appreciate the time and effort you put into these lists; however, the options from Living Spaces cannot be shipped. You have to live in a city where a store is located; so those options aren’t available for those of us in the 47 states without a Living Spaces store. I really hate this because they appear to have great looking furniture at a terrific price. But thanks for the other options.


Yes, this. Such a killer post…but four of the five sofas I right clicked are Living Spaces and they don’t ship to TX. (sobs!)


These are all quiet lovely. I have not purchased any of them but wanted to put in a plug for Ethan Allen based on my personal experience. 15 years ago we were looking for a couch. At time time I loved one from Pottery Barn but was checking prices. We had two small children and wanted a leather couch as it would be easy to keep clean with two toddler. We ended up finding one at Ethan Allen. We were able to see it in person and it was $200 less than PB. We later became a family of 5… Read more »


I will definitely be referencing this post, extremely redundant title be damned.

Jodie J

For anyone in the Midwest I strongly encourage online sofa shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart, www. I have purchased 2 sofas there in the last 5 years and am not disappointed. Since I was ordering online I was sure to order well known/respected name brands and read all the reviews. They occasionally have value buys that are more mast produced and for that reason you cannot select your fabric option – you either decide you like the one option they have chosen or you buy something else. I chose the value option both times. The first is a nice… Read more »


Most of these are actually closer to loveseats and with shipping are at least $100 more.

Maria Bethard

This is a great post IF you are willing to buy a sofa in the exact color that the sofa is being offered – and the size. Too compartmentalized of a post -although might be good for youngsters.


I love the look of the Farlov sofa but I tried it at the weekend and it’s much too deep for me! Great if you want something to curl up in, but it wasn’t at all comfortable to sit on. Definitely, definitely try before you buy.


I liked # 10 at $849. It is so versatile. Almost maintenance free.
And easy to update. The design can even be changed. That’s
my pick

I love these roundups!

But I would love a more detailed roundup – maybe your top 10 couches of the year? With analysis that took comfort, online ratings, other quality assessments into account. I probably wouldn’t buy a couch from this list since it is missing all those elements.



Great roundup Emily & team. I rarely weigh in on the comments but some of the negativity is really starting to rankle me! In your sectional roundup, so many people were complaining about the high price of the sectionals (even though, speaking from experience, it isn’t cheap to get a comfortable, durable and attractive sectional or sofa). I’ve also seen other posts where people complain about the furniture in Emily’s house being too aspirational even though there are lots of posts on this site featuring vintage & stuff from mass retailers like Target. Now, in this very budget friendly post,… Read more »


Big applause! Well said, Courtney,!


I love these round-ups! Thanks for doing them! Would love to see one for affordable area rugs. I check places like Wayfair and am just completely overwhelmed by the 5000 pages of options. Would love your input on the subject. Thanks!


oooo yes that would be fun!

Emily T

We are definitely in the market for a new sofa and this list is great. My main problem is I have no idea how to figure out what, size or shape would fit best. Style wise is the easiest part for me! I know I want lower arms (to increase view of the tv) and a higher back (we’re a tall family) but that’s all I got. How do you figure out size and shape!?! My living room is rectangular, one long wall is open to kitchen and hall, one short wall is all windows, the other long wall is… Read more »

Meg Cusack

Where are the two rattan round coffee tables from in the first photo (the photo with the blue couch and the blue and white stripe rug)? Love those.

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