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68 Readymade Bath Vanities



By a show of digital hands, how many people have put off remodeling your bathroom due to cost, long lead times, construction, or just feeling overwhelmed? Well folks, you are not alone – ME, TOO. Of course I’m currently designing THREE bathrooms for our new house, which all have to be done by the end of next week. As I was pinning the heck out of vanities, I realized that a vanity roundup was more than necessary so you don’t have to spend the 19 hours that I did to find the right vanity (which of course now we might be custom making or maybe going with vintage).

But first, lets talk bathroom options – 1). You can go vintage, which is what I did in our recent guest bathroom renovation where I used a dresser that we had retro fit to accommodate the plumbing and a vessel on top. I love the way that it looks and the vintage vibe that it brings into the room, but it does require time, some custom woodworking and it can be expensive depending on the piece of furniture you use.


2.) Custom, which is what Orlando did in his bathroom in the below pic and we love for his space. Custom allows you to really work it to fit any space, style and any specific requirements you have. So while the ease and functionality may be great it can also come with a hefty pricetag. 3.) IKEA, this is the very user friendly and affordable option which most of the time can be DIYed on the weekend. The cost is low but their styles may not be for everyone; and for those of you looking to enjoy your vanity for years and years to come, it may not be the best option as far as longevity goes. 4.) Last but not least we have pre-made. These guys come fully finished (some with plumbing included and basically everything you need minus the faucet. Years ago the only places you would see these were at your big box home improvement stores and most were so bad that you would never think to put them in your bathroom. But, there are so many good ones out there on the market now at affordable prices; they are definitely worth taking a second look.


So,  today we have round up 68 of our favorite ready-made, prebuilt, online vanities. These are all ready to be ordered online and we pulled together a few different price points to make everyone happy. We haven’t seen most of these in person so we can’t vouch for their quality but man are some of them good. Be sure to check below to see which ones are my favorites.


I am very into #3 for a kids room. It has a little built in pull out stool which can be tucked in after use. #15 for a powder room or guest bathroom is also a good option what with its plentiful amount of closed storage.

1. Brooks Vanity | 2. Classic Mini Vanity | 3. Portsmouth Vanity | 4. Simpli Vanity | 5. Kelly Vanity | 6. Belmont Vanity | 7. Brooks White Vanity | 8. Cannes Vanity | 9. Union Square Vanity | 10. Dove Grey Vanity | 11. Chelsea Vanity | 12. White Vanity Set | 13. Thompson Vanity | 14. Winterfell Vanity | 15. Pewter Vanity | 16. Yosemite Vanity | 17.  Hampton Bay Vanity | 18. Phoenix Vanity | 19. Charleston Vanity | 20. Sonoma Vanity


If you have room for #18 I love all the countertop surface that it has, or if modern is your vibe then I am very into #20.

1. Urban Loft Vanity | 2. Virtu Vanity | 3. Danville Vanity | 4. Foremost Vanity | 5. Ripley Vanity | 6. Birch Vanity | 7. Loft Vanity | 8. White Bathroom Vanity | 9. Chloe Vanity | 10. Catania Vanity | 11. Tribeca Vanity | 12. Paige Vanity | 13. Providence Vanity | 14. Madison Vanity | 15. Chesapeake Vanity | 16. Campo Vanity | 17. Savannah Vanity | 18. Cream Vanity | 19. Claxby Vanity | 20. Godmorgon Vanity | 21. Fraser Vanity | 22. Ella Vanity | 23. Hemnes Vanity | 24. Montaigne Vanity | 25. Cannes Grey Vanity | 26. Sadie Vanity | 27. Brentwood Vanity | 28. Winterfell Grey Vanity | 29. Cashmere Grey | 30. Harper Vanity | 31. Savoy Vanity | 32. Tennaby Vanity


At under $400 a piece these are all such good options, but #10 at $299 is so simple and pretty and #13 would look so pretty in an all white bathroom with a simple white penny tile on the floor (good for my new powder room in the english cottage?).

I’m shocked at how much I love this roundup. YES, I am designing 3 bathrooms right now but I feel like vanities are one of those things that is daunting and not terribly fun to shop for. There you have it – 68 that we highly recommend (based on looks and price).

1. Spa Vanity | 2. Ashen Vanity | 3. Hemnes Vanity | 4. Danville Vanity | 5. Cedar Cove Vanity | 6. Hemnes Dark Brown Vanity | 7. Seal Harbor Vanity | 8. Godmorgon Vanity | 9. Stancliff Vanity | 10. Claxby Vanity | 11. Fullen Vanity | 12. Single Vanity | 13. Cranbury Vanity | 14. Legion Vanity | 15. Abbotsford Vanity | 16. Godmorgon Vanity

So what do you think, which ones are your favorite or are there any that might work in your own bathrooms? Or are you still having a hard time pulling triggers… like I did for so long? If any of you have tried any of these please let us know in the comments below.

Need more bathroom inspiration? Check these out: Guest Bathroom Reveal,  Master Bathroom Reveal, Sylvia’s Makeover: A Quick Bathroom Refresh, Brady Gives A Refresh To His Vintage Bathroom, Modern Old-World Master Bathroom.

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If it works with your decor, vintage/antique is a great way to be sure it won’t look out of style 10 years from now. I got a beautiful antique vanity for a steal on the French equivalent of craigslist. Always worth checking out.


My problem is that my bathroom needs to be gutted to the studs and it’s the only bathroom in the house. How does one live through that kind of remodel? Do I just pack up my cat and find some place else to stay? Ugh. I also have a teeeeeeeeeeeny bathroom. It just barely fits a 24″ vanity, toilet, and tub. All of the vanities I like are big and spacious, which isn’t going to work. Some of these are really cute, though; I will definitely pin for later. One of my favorites that I’ve seen is a simple floating… Read more »


Ikea is your friend for a small space.
And yes, since you will be without functioning plumbing, I’d suggest staying somewhere else for a bit. Been there, done that, it’s no fun running to the nearest gas station for the bathroom.

They CAN jerry rig some kinds of temp systems while renovating, which would allow for you to use the toilet while renovation is ongoing. We decided to stay at a motel nearby instead.


Hello, we did a gut remodel of our only bathroom (family of 4 people …) a few years ago, and it was a royal pain, but it is doable. We showered in the gym and brushed our teeth in the kitchen. We had a port-a-potty in our backyard for 2 weeks, which is okay in summer. My husband (bless his heart) also put the toilet back on at night so that we did not have to go outside during the night. He is now very experienced in basic plumbing! It’s kind of like camping, and I think if you adopt… Read more »


This is an amazing resource. Vanities are much harder to shop for (or to know where to look) than, say, light fixtures. Thanks so much!


We opted for the Ikea white-stained oak-look Godmorgon, #20 in the second group because of depth limitations and the need for wood or wood-look warmth. Oddly enough it was made in Italy ! I love the look of it.


Hi Emily, i love the idea of an antique vanity but how do you find the practicality of having wood in awet area? In worried it would warp…


I really like the wall mounted look with wide, handless drawers.

It has the added bonus of making the room appear more spacious since it doesn’t take up floor space, an advantage most bathrooms benefit from.


Some of these would work well in smaller bathrooms. Always harder to find good alternatives for larger bathrooms (or at least ones with larger vanities). Good round up though.

I know you don’t often post in progress photos but it could be nice to see your new house in partial stages (IE. demo finished, then cabinet bases/a few of the finishes in and then the final reveal). It helps to see the process and it’s interesting to see!


If you are o Instagram Emily has a couple of Instastories showing the demoed bathrooms and how they are being roughed in.


Thanks, I’ll take a look on Instagram as well!

Wow this is literally just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you for sharing! ?


May I add another? We were very limited by width, and even 3 years ago there didn’t seem to be as many options as you have shared (or I didn’t know where to look.) We have this one, and for the price, and the width we needed, this was the best option. It was this, basic builder grade or 1,000+. The drawback is that there’s no stopper for the door, so when kids’jam their knees into it while brushing and washing, it pushes in. But that’s an easy fix (not that we’ve done it yet!).


Great round up! We are on the hunt for a new bathroom vanity, and this is a great help.
Because I liked the style so much, I did notice that #8 in the Under $1,000 group and #25 in the Under $750 group appear to be the same vanity.


I noticed that too, it’s my favorite of the bunch! Is the only difference the price?


My question about these is how do you use them without redoing your flooring if you have ceramic tile that doesn’t run under the current vanity because it’s not legged/footed like all of these are? I guess you patch with more tile and hope it doesn’t look like a patch.

I also wonder about the practicality of a footed vanity since that area underneath is just going to be a hard-to-reach hair and dust haven.


I have exactly the same concerns, Mary!


Here’s a tricky question…what if your very tiny half bath requires a 30″ vanity (wall to wall fit), and your existing floors are only tiled up to the existing vanity (not under). All of the vanities in this round up would require a finished floor underneath. I’m not sure how many hours I have spent searching for a modern replacement vanity that isn’t $1200. I’m thinking we’ll have to order a kitchen cabinet because I can’t find any other way to go.

I found this one that I’m just about to install. I like the additional storage to the wall hung ones that seem to be the only “modern” look.


This would be perfect except the drawers will bump into the door trim! I think I’ve looked at this one before, too! I guess I need the drawers to be on the left side, or cabinet doors. Geez.


We had the same issue. By the time we found a vanity we liked it was way way way more than a footed vanity and tiling materials (our bathroom is approx 6×6). We just decided to replace the floor and the vanity for less than the cost of the vanity that would work with the existing floors.


I wish we could do that! I don’t love our existing tile, BUT, it extends into the hall, kitchen, and dining. And I’m not ready to replace all of it yet – boo. Maybe I should just get over the lack of continuity and go ahead and replace the tile with something I actually love. You’re right – it would be less expensive and I could get a vanity I actually like…hmmm…


What about two sink vanities? Any thoughts? Also, is it crazy expensive to entertain the idea of getting the sink, countertop, and vanity separate? Have my heart set on metal sink bowl.


No, it is not crazy expensive to do all three separate. You may need a contractor. We used a contractor because he was doing other work for us anyway, got all three separate, and the price was actually less than if we’d bought a pre-fab. We did shop around though.


This is an awesome round up!! Can you do another one for double vanities please???


We were the drivers of the struggle bus when it came to choosing a remodel plan to agree upon. I wanted to do the room minus shower because I hated the entire thing so bad that I was desperate to get a step of progress. Husband wanted to wait until we could do everything including the shower which we couldn’t afford. We were not even looking for the Hemnes vanity you cited from IKEA when we stumbled upon it during a random shopping trip, he loved it and I didn’t hate it so I agreed to the vanity if he… Read more »


Do you have any picks for two-sink vanities?


Oh my goodness, thank you for all these round up posts!! Question: what size space do you recommend for a double sink? I have around 49″ between two walls, and IKEA has some double sink options that would fit. But will that be too crowded since there is no open space to either side of the vanity?


What a serendipitous post. I have been procrastinating spending hours scouring the internet for the perfect ready-made vanity for my tiny bath and here you’ve done the work for me. 🙂 See, procrastination pays off sometimes!


I have a 48″ double vanity and am trying to decide if I want to replace it with another 2-sink top or switch to a single sink to create more counter space. The current setup has around 6″ between and to the left and right of the sinks. I live alone so I don’t need the second sink, but I wonder if the double sinks would be better for resale. The biggest problem has been finding replacements for a double-bowl 48″ vanity. I suspect I will need to go custom if I decide to keep the two sinks.


Lovely collection. Unfortunately for me (and many others I suspect) I need a vanity that is no more than 18 inches deep. I think this is moderately common in houses from the 60s-80s where a “build in place” cabinet system was used. My vanity space is 48 inches sandwiched between the tub and the door. The door frame is only 18 inches from the back wall, so if I go deeper it is blocking part of the door. (At least the door opens out!) Ideally, I’d love a 42 inch wide by 18 inch deep vanity to leave 6 inches… Read more »


The Ripley model is 18 inches deep and may come wider as most models seem to do, but it has a resin sink which sank the deal for me. Try the Bath Outlet online – the Italian ones like Nameeks and Iotti seem to be less deep, even to a fault. Then there is always Ikea’s smaller vanity line – two of them together might work.


Due to space, time, money and just generally being OVER looking for a vanity, we settled on #32. There was a million other ones I wanted (more boxy/modern/custom) BUT for a box store vanity, it’s not bad AND it’s real wood. Real wood! I did have to caulk the mitered edges but was fine with it since we got it on sale for less than $400. And the top is real Carrara. And it’s fully assembled.


Thank you so much for the great finds Emily! I’ve been having a hard time finding anything I like as we’re just starting to remodel/rebuild after we had a pretty devastating house fire. My little girls are so sad about their bathroom (they’re 3&4), and I just want to be able to make it a space they’ll love! Thank you for helping me find a starting point!


We replaced a double vanity with two of these from Restoration Hardware 3 years ago and I still want to kiss the sinks every morning! 🙂


This is, as always, great thank you! Any chance you’d consider a similar round up of TV stand options? It’s tough out here for a girl looking to spend under $1000 without transforming her living room into a 1990s throwback of tinted glass and “espresso” colored wood.

So many great choices, I was immediately drawn to how much the legs of the vanity can change the whole look!


I looked carefully at a lot of these vanities. It is such a hard decision. Then lo & behold, Pottery Barn is having a huge “Premier sale” today (whatever that means) & their Piedmont double vanity was a score. After a 15% off coupon, it was about $1,250, including tax & the unlimited shipping deal they have right now. The vanity is solid poplar, has an Italian Carrara marble top & includes the 2 sinks & hardware. There is no way my cabinet maker can come close to making that with the including countertop & sinks.


You’ve done vanities and accessories for bathroom. What about hardware combinations (towel bars, towel rings, mirrors)? Please. 🙂

This post is great and also helps me to solve my problems

I’m always asked about bath vanities by clients. Thanks for the tips.

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