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32 weeks, The Denim Dress



This little baby is giving me serious RLS, combined with a toddler that is giving us a wonderful case of sleep deprivation syndrome (just picked up ‘The Happy Sleeper‘ so hopefully that can alleviate the situation). But that doesn’t mean I can’t pull together an outfit for the blog (and life). A girl can’t just lay around naked wondering how much longer a vacation can ruin a child’s good sleeping habits, now can she? One must get clothed!!!



So this is a very affordable denim dress, a less affordable hat and some cute little booties that feel slightly more modern (and taller) than my usual fall boots.

I tried a belt with this dress (it comes with a tie, actually) but often belts/ties look best in photos but not in real life because they can bunch, so I figured I’d wear it here how I would every day – beltless. I’m pregnant enough that I don’t need to tell people visually (which is the main function of the belt) and I’d rather have nothing to constrict that baby in there right now. Man, I’m so much less comfortable with this pregnancy than with Charlie. She feels wildly lower, and like she wants to come out at any moment. I’m only 32 1/2 weeks along so that isn’t ideal. Hopefully she can hold on for 6 more weeks and then shoots out in an hour.


Meanwhile, grab the look if you are into it. I highly recommend all of those items for their sheer comfort but they are also all very versatile and stylish enough for work/play and going out. And napping. I could nap in an 80’s prom dress right now 🙂

1. Similar Hat | 2. Dress | 3. Watch | 4. Bag | 5. Booties

Like my bench? It’s from here.

* Photos by Jessican Isaac for EHD. Want more maternity fashion? Check out my Muu Muu style, my ‘Play Outfit’,  ‘The One Where I Hold A Piano‘, ‘The Work Outfit’,  ‘The One With Bearcat’, and ‘My Crop Top Round Up’. Also last time I was pregnant I wrote this ‘Maternity Must-Haves‘ post which I need to update, but it’s still pretty relevant. Lastly if you want to watch the birth of Charlie (yes, you read that correctly) go HERE.

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Who’s the artist of that painting? I can only make out ’63


You are so cute! I love the outfit and have had those boots in my cart for a while. Are they comfortable (as heels go)?

denim is never wrong.

and finally, the truth! belts look better in pics or on models. always. at least in my ‘real life’ i shall remain beltless as far as the eye can see.

This dress is right up my ally – as in I wear denim just about everyday day (whether it is a dress, jeans, or shirt). And those booties are perfection. So good.

xo, Sarah


You are killing it!
Please, please never stop theses fashion style posts!
In sorry sum have left rude comments….but let’s face it, when you’re setting trends, some aren’t ready.
On the rare occasion I have not instantly fallen in love with your suggestions, more times than not, I come around and see you were RIGHT ALL ALONG.

Sonja B.

I just watched your birth video because I couldn’t believe you had one out there and I cried. I felt the same way. My mom had to remind me that I’d said I can’t love anyone else this much so we will probably only have one. (We have 3 kids now.) So sweet.

And you look fab in the denim dress. I am now going to have to put one on my fall list.

Cool look! You can never feel frumpy when wearing denim.


I’m super impressed with how adorable you look in a 20$ dress!

Also, everytime I see a picture of your railing, I try really hard to see if I can see the plexiglass and I never can! That’s amazing!


I’ve pined over that bench for a very long time (its difficult living near a Rejuv). Its honestly the first thing I noticed in that shot. If I can’t have it I’m glad you can!


As usual, you’re adorable! Super cute style! I’m 37 1/2 weeks and this second pregnancy is kicking my butt too (and with a toddler at home too). I’m just happy someone else feels like their second pregnancy is lower and baby is going to fall out. Hang in there! You look great!

I’m all for belt less dresses, even though it’s probs not the most flattering for my body. It’s how a mom would wear it, easy, free, less focus on the tummy area. I just made a pile of denim dresses to donate and make room for more denim dresses? They were slightly dated (think cargo pockets) and, oh yeah, belted.

Analog House


Great outfit. Very stylish for a stylish lady.


I love your blog! You are so funny and your posts seem so genuine! The outfit is cute, too. 🙂

Gorgeous, glowing mama to be!



I had terrible RLS with my second, and iron supplements really helped! Also felt like she was way too low way too early on- but the good news is (4 days after my due date) she came shooting out a mere two hours after my first contraction!


I ALWAYS buy at LEAST one thing on your clothing posts. This time it’s just the watch…I’m hoping/wondering…do u get credit for the purchases you recommend? I hope so!
Plus, another idea to add on to your empire:
What if we could pay to have you solve our fashion dilemma? Like for a wedding/pregnancy uniform/high school reunion/etc: we’d share our sizes/needs and you’d send links of what to buy????? I may need to file that in “wishful thinking” category, but I’ll continue to keep my fingers and toes crossed.


I love that blue stripe lumbar pillow! Can you tell us any more about it? Where is it from. Is it silk? Wool?


You have my sympathy on the toddler sleep thing. We’re training my almost four year old not to come in bed with us anymore. And it’s been bumpy. Last night as I left him in his room to go to sleep, he wailed “why aren’t you taking care of meeee!” They’re very good at playing on your heartstrings these kids. For your RLS there is as imply solution. Your generally looking at a mineral deficiency. It’s very common during pregnancy because of all the minerals the baby needs. RLS isn’t the only symptom. Generally you’ll be feeling a little more… Read more »

I love the dress and I’m not even pregnant. Would still wear it and it’s so affordable.


You are a beautiful pregnant woman! Best wishes!


COMPLETELY ADORABLE! And I found my second pregnancy (also a girl after a boy) SO much less comfortable too. Sheesh. Hang in there. And in my case, she did shoot out in record time, so maybe you’ll get lucky there too!


i need these boots!!!

That denim dress looks fabulous on you! I totally have got to up my maternity fashion goals the next time I’m pregnant!



I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but sleep issues before the arrival of a new baby are pretty common, and so are illnesses. My pediatrician said she saw it all the time–the first kid(s) would get sick and kind of fall apart in the couple months before the new baby came. For us, sadly, it continued for a little while after the second baby’s birth, too. (And now we’re seeing it again with the third–yay!) The timing is crappy and it’s hard, but it IS only temporary. Hang in there.


My little guy’s sleep acted up late in my second pregnancy too. It doesn’t seem right that a person should have to cope with sleep regression on top of the other discomforts of pregnancy. And there’s that whole dynamic where they seem to sense how desperately you want them to sleep and they just fight it even more. It’s like what ‘they’ say about getting caught in a rip tide – you can’t fight it or you’ll lose all your strength and be swept out to sea; instead you just have to swim parallel to the shore until it lets… Read more »

I’m almost 34 weeks and the best deals I’ve found on maternity clothes are actually the GAP. They usually have additional 40% or 50% off sale prices, and I’ve scored dresses and tops for $3-$10. Really cute stuff too.

Emily, best wishes on your birth! I think we’re due within days of each other (I worked with Mugs at Chairish so I feel like I know you somewhat because I was promoting your sales). xoxo


Hi Emily!! I nannied in Manhattan for ten years and helped many parents sleep train their children – I’ve found Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” had the answer we were looking for 99.9% of the time – whenever I’m faced with a question about sleeping or a challenge with sleeping, I turn to Weissbluth. If you haven’t read it (which you probably have!) it’s a must! Good luck – sleep regression can be a real bitch, but usually it only takes a few nights to re-establish a routine. 🙂 Feel free to email me if you have… Read more »

AGGH, Sleeplessness. I feel your pain. Been there. I didnt get a full night sleep for 3 years, and then, when we dropped his naps he finally started sleeping. Hang in therex

I kept reading through the comments to see if anyone had recommended Weissbluth. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child worked for my first child (now 14 years old) who was a horrible sleeper. Which ended thankfully, but I waited too long before I read the book. With my triplets (now 8 years old), I read, “On Becoming Babywise” by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, and I wished I had read it with my first child. It’s strict, but the feeding schedule and waking up sleeping babies to keep them on schedule (which I did not do with #1 – I was… Read more »

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