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30 Sleeper Sofas We Love



The amount of times I’ve searched for a sleeper sofa for clients or myself should make me an expert at this point (don’t you think?). There used to be so many bad ones out there, that could really ruin the room instantly. But the market changes constantly and lately we’ve found so many new ones that are great. So we tasked Tyson, one of our market researcher to pull together a roundup of 30 sofa sleepers, sofa beds, convertible sofas or even a really deep daybeds that are good for a single/twin sleeper. Here they are (and find out my favorites at the end.)

Sleeper Sofa - Emily Henderson

1. Albin Upholstered Sofa | 2. Zeal Daybed | 3. Melrose Sofa | 4. Jasper Sofa Bed  | 5. New Spec Convertible Sofa  | 6. Softline Sleep Sofa Bed | 7. Holman Upholstered Sleeper Sofa | 8. Divan Twin | 9. Whittier Sleeper Sofa | 10. Piazza Sofa | 11. Christofferson 3-Seater Sofa  | 12. Lycksele Lovas | 13. Clubber Sofa Bed | 14. Julie Storage Sleeper Sofa  | 15. Convertible Sofa Bed | 16. Lubi Sleeper Daybed  | 17. Bliss Sleeper Sofa | 18. Holmsund Sofa | 19. Lazy Sofa Bed | 20. Rodney Sofa Bed | 21. Unfurl Sofa | 22. Chesterfield Daybed Sofa | 23. Boho Daybed 24. Nova Sofa Bed | 25. Convertible Futon Sofa | 26. Shelter Sleeper Sofa | 27. Dark Magenta Sleeper Sofa | 28. Davis Queen Sleeper Sofa | 29. Oliver Sleeper Sofa | 30. Velvet Sofa Bed

So many good ones. My favorite? 3, 9, 26, 27, 30, and I’ve wanted #10 for years. It’s so insanely comfortable and perfect for a tv sofa turned guest twin bed. I was going to use it in Elliot’s room until I found her vintage daybed.

Now I personally haven’t slept on any of these, but based on looks I’d say there are some solid options out there for you to test drive/sleep.

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I love your round ups, I discover so many new brands and online shops!


These are awesome! Could you please (please!) do a rug roundup? I need something to go under my bed that’s not too expensive (like under $500) but that is also pretty and makes my oatmeal wall to wall carpeting less sad.

Thank you!!!


…And Emily, please on your timeless rug roundup don’t fill it with a gamillion persian rugs. I get that they have lasted 2000 years or so, but they are so in right now (especially the overdyed ones) I can’t fathom they won’t look “so 2015” in 2.5 years. Kinda like my “moroccan rug” that I am hating right now. I love me some graphic rugs, but they do seem to date in the time it takes my roots to grow.


Ha! I’m a vote in the other direction. Would love to see some persian rugs, especially if you have any sources for vintage ones in that price range! (I grew up in a home filled with them so they don’t feel very 2015 to me!)


Yes! All of that is awesome thank you!



THANK YOU FOR THIS! I’m not taking credit, but I pleaded for a roundup of sleeper sofas both via email and in a comment. As an apartment dweller with a living room that sometimes has to do double duty, I am so grateful for this information. Thank you!!!!

Emily (not the cool one)

Emily, You always seem to know what I need, right when I need it. Today, with sleeper sofas, Monday, with a pause to reflect on our world and place in it.


I can’t believe you found one for around $300!!


Ikea also has a few decent ones. Some of them are more comfy than others, though, so check in person before buying. The one we were going to buy based on looks, was so uncomfortable to lay on, that we ended with a less stylish, but much comfier PS.

That I’m thinking of getting rid of now, as my new house came with a vintage murphy bed!

Plus these all look so nice I kinda want to buy them all 🙂


Awesome roundup! Thank you!

I have been looking at Clad Home’s beautiful sofas online for months (I love the owner’s blog too) and have been considering ordering one, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger–in part because I’m thousands of miles away. But I love that you can customize pretty much every aspect! Does anyone have any experience with this line?


YES! I do. I customized a sofa from them six months ago for my living room. I REALLY like it and get tons of compliments – I will probably use them again in the future to either customize chairs or recover existing ones. Feel free to send me an email and I can pass along pics!


oops – you can find my email on my old blog when you click my name 🙂


This is a random blog request….I’d love to learn more about some of your behind-the-scenes employees, or at least the roles you have people in. We hear from Ginny a lot but I didn’t know you had a market researcher. I’m just really interested in how the team is comprised. Thanks!

I second this request! Before I moved away from LA several years ago, and when your team was really small, I was going to apply as an editor for your blog, since it seemed like such a fun little team to be part of. Since then, I feel like your team has grown so, so much and even though I read your blog daily, I have no idea who all your full-time staff is — beyond Brady and Ginny, that is! 🙂 I know you have a bunch of contributors and people you contract with for photos and such, but… Read more »


I love this. We have been thinking about getting a sleeper sofa. In my search I also found this “chair turned twin bed”. I’m thinking of getting it for our office/guest room.

Fantastic selection of stylish and functional couches! Also, I’m REALLY hoping you’ll do a bookshelves roundup. I’ve loathed our Ikea bookshelves for a solid four years (actually they were my husband’s before the marriage), and I’m beyond ready for an update. Thanks!


When I was a young newlywed and we were shopping for a sleeper sofa, the salesman told us, “You want a sleeper sofa to be comfortable enough that your mother-in-law doesn’t wake up grumpy but not so comfortable that she stays more than a week.”

Gotta say, I still dig the classic look of #28.


Great post! Would love to know what Emily & the gang think of sectionals. When are they right for a room? When is it better to use a sofa & chairs to balance the space in a living room?


Seconded! We are looking for a sectional (and a sleeper if possible, I was actually hoping this round up might have had some sectionals 🙁 ) and I’d love to hear your recommendations on these!


#20 is $3012.00, not $1,826.00 as posted.


…plus $500.00 for delivery, it’d be great if your posts were proofed.

30. Well I guess you can try every day a new one for a full month. Next month choose random. Thank you for the list!


The Tillary from West Elm is also a favorite of mine. I have been wanting one for a while since our living room is also our tv area. It would be perfect as the back is movable and they go from sofa to day bed. #1 here is the same idea but by Cost Plus. I have been disuaded by the reviews that say the back falls, well, back, when you lean on it, but, touring some local model homes, they had two of these and the kids and I tried them out. The backs hold pretty well! We put… Read more »


This might be way too specific but my husband has a really large record collection that will probably never go away (well if I’m honest it will probably just grow). I would LOVE to see some options for a stylish record storage for larger collections like this. Our style is a minimalist, bohemian mid-century. Sadly we’ve used four (4!!) Ikea Expedit 2×4 bookcases for the past eight years and I really hate how cheap they look but haven’t been able to find anything nice that will house the growing collection, outside of custom that is. Roundups I find are usually… Read more »

Hi Em!! Big fan here!! Love the round ups! I’d love to see a post about how to minimize outdated tile/counters. I have a bathroom in great condition, good flow, etc but the marble seems so 1990’s. I hate to rip it out since it’s, you know, marble, but it’s killing me. Any tips?!?


Love the sofa options. I have 2 cats who claw the furniture. They don’t claw my leather furniture, but they do leave puncture marks from their take offs and landings. The only thing they don’t seem to claw or puncture is microfiber. And I hate microfiber … It just always seems so sleazy! Any suggestions for classy-looking feline resistant fabric?

I read your all blog and so excited to learn more…

It’s full of insightful information and entertaining descriptions. Your point of view is the best among many. keep posting ..

We have #30!! Happy it made it on the list 🙂 Head’s up, it’s definitely firm but my mom prefers that both as a sofa and bed. Our designer was looking for a blue velvet so we were going to go with something custom but then she stumbled across this. Awesome addition to the space.
Company was easy to deal with, the shipping was free (to Chicago, not sure if that applies everywhere), it was like a week. Great post, keep it up!


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