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There are the people that decorate their mantel for holidays, and then there are the people that DECORATE their mantel for the holidays. I fear that I’m falling into that latter category (did you see my house for the holidays last year??). But a fall mantel just means warm and inviting with some nods to the season. Now, let’s get into it:

Casual Coastal:

For this one we were inspired by the soft neutral colors of the coast. Our color palate consisted of shades of blues, light woods, whites, and few hits of gold. We brought in those adorable little soapstone pumpkins from Target to add in a sense of fall, but kept it at that as far as “fall” accessories go. Remember, fall doesn’t have to mean dried leaves, spider webs, and cornucopias.


Seascapes: Vintage, soon to be on the flea | Blue Vase On Left: Target (available in stores) | Large Marble Pumpkin | Small Marble Pumpkin | Candlesticks: VintageMarble Book End




1. Sage Living | 2. Marble Book End | 3. Oceanscape by Mary McKenna | 4. Moro The Cookbook | 5. Pinched Glass Vase | 6. Large Marble Pumpkin | 7. Small Marble Pumpkin | 8. Candle Holder

Eclectic Artist:

This lady appreciates a good weird abstract, and a creepy white bust. We pulled our color palate from the abstract there in the middle. If you have a piece that you love already in your home then use it to dictate the rest of the mantle. For this one we incorporated some fresh cut branches, a few dried and graphic flowers, and a small collection of mini pumpkins to bring out some of the orange and rust colored hues in the abstract. When fall is over it’s easy to remove a few elements, and still have a beautiful and pulled together mantle.


Vintage Vase (on mantel) | White Bust | Grey Vase On Hearth: Target (available in stores) | Everything Else: Vintage




1. STYLED | 2. Jerusalem | 3. Will You Please Print by Matt Adrian | 4. Vintage Bust | 5. Green Vase | 6. Vintage Vase | 7. The New Bohemians | 8. Nude Line Drawing

Contemporary Glam:

This one is for the inner clean and contemporary glam person in all of us and it’s our personal favorite. Golds, blacks, metallics, and clean lines are the stars of this one. To keep it from feeling too stark and minimal we pulled in the black and white ceramic piece, the hand drawn portrait as well as the organic lines of the orange berries. They also do double duty to bring a bit of fall into the mantel. When you are mixing metallics in make sure the keep them peppered along the mantel, and at different heights, to help the eye keep moving from piece to piece. This will keep your mantel both interesting and fresh looking for fall.


Short Taper Holder | Tall Taper Holder | Art: Vintage | Brass Bowl: Vintage | Mirror: Target (available in stores) | Black & White Stripe Vessel: Target (available in stores) | Gold Jack | Brass & Glass Vase: Target (available in stores) | BasketStriped ThrowKnit Blanket




1. Gold Jack | 2. Nude Line Drawing | 3. Geo Mirror | 4. Large Glass Vase | 5. Striped Throw | 6. Gold Bowl | 7. Black & White Vase | 8. Short Taper Holder | 9. Tall Taper Holder | 10. Basket | 11. Knit Blanket

Now get out there and have fun with your mantel. With just a few new affordable items you can instantly transform your mantel from bland to glam this holiday season. Which one is your favorite of the three mantels?


*Photos by Jessica Isaac for EHD. Styling by Ginny Macdonald & Brady Tolbert. Mostly written by Brady.

Which is your favorite?

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I think #1 is my favorite but #3 is a close second. I really love them all but #1 I could totally see myself doing in my own home. Great job!

Last one is definitely my fav. Why no place to vote?


Contemporary Glam is my favorite I especially like the mirror(?) which doesn’t seem to have a mirror in the mantel styling with the weathered frame. I’m not nearly as fond of the gold mirror link….I wondered if you transformed the piece….so lovely. Now I just need to come up with a mantel.


In order, I like 2 the best, then 1, then 3.

But, I would take some items away on all of them. Just a personal preference! 🙂


I would never ever consider my style contemporary glam, but it is clearly my favorite. Probably has something to do with the round mirror shape above a strong square mantel. Also the orange berry vines add height as well as break the horizontal line of the mantel, which is very smart. The first two strike me as a little cold. Maybe too many horizontal and vertical lines and not enough… Drama? Contrast? Movement? I’m not sure, but the last one is definitely spot on!

I love #3! The more of these you do, the more I realize my style is definitely part ‘glam’, though I would never have thought to call it that. I love how #3 perfectly fits fall/halloween but still flexible in its style. If you put mini ornaments in that little bowl & put red berry branches in the vase it would be perfect for winter.

#3 is my fave! You are so talented!


I like elements of them all, I’m just not into the whole pumpkin thing… so in order of preference, no 2. 3 and then no 1…


I love #3! Where can I find those berry vines??

My favorite is the third one for its glamorous vibe. Everything goes so well together. Perfect mantel for the holidays!

I don’t know why I’m surprised . . . as usual my favorite is Contemporary Glam — love it!

April Lee

All three are beautiful and so different. I’m drawn to vintage land and waterscapes so #1 is my fave.


#3! #3!

I just love when you do posts like these. The space transforms so easily. I have to say that my fav is the eclectic artist because I have a thing for branches!!


Could you add to the list of “words constantly misspelled on EH” the word palette? It’s eeeeveryyy single time. And it’s such a pet peeve of mine! pal·ate ˈpalət/ 1 ) the roof of the mouth 2) a person’s appreciation of taste and flavor, especially when sophisticated and discriminating. pal·ette ˈpalət/ 1) a thin board or slab on which an artist lays and mixes colors. 2) the range of colors used by a particular artist or in a particular picture. THE ROOM HAD AN INTERESTING COLOR PALETTE. chocolate cake is pleasing to the palate. Sorry for being so anal about… Read more »


Yes! At least capitalizing ‘i’ has come back in style 😉


I second that emotion! Also in the first get the look board “Casual Coastal” is misspelled “Casual Costal.” I love your blog Emily! But the constant spelling errors really detract from the otherwise incredibly professional and polished content.


And mantle! Which in this context should be spelled mantel. I see both spellings in this post. Love the styling, though….I vote number 1.

Eclectic #2
Although I like them all I find the contrasts in style between the mantel & objects + color would hold my interest


I thought the same.

A. All the way.

1 is my fav + also love 3.
Love the hints of fall. ?


Definitely #3. Complete without being too much filled with stuff. Bravo!

Marie Coolman

While they are all lovely, #2 gets my vote!


Hm. I like 3 the best b/c the bittersweet branches are so textural. However, 2 has a print from Mincing Mockingbird on Etsy and his art is fantastic! I have 4 prints from that store with the titles printed at the bottom of each. The titles are hilarious. The full title of that piece is, “Will you please put down that US magazine and listen to me”. It kills me. Thanks for featuring one of his awesome birds!


Definitely #3 ?


My vote is Eclectic Artist, #2!!
#1 is a close second.

Wendy walke

Eclectic Artist!

I love the contemporary glam! Such a gorgeous look!


Love the abstract art in the second one! Those oranges and blues go together really nicely.

Definitely casual coastal. Living in Santa Barbara, I love the natural organic vibe!

I like the contemporary mantel best. Not too busy but both vertical and horizontal space is nicely filled.


Love #3! Where can I get those branches/vine3? Love those.

All three styles look great! It is difficult to have a preferred way of styling this mantel.


i can’t find that mirror in #3 anywhere at target! i hope mine comes out with it soon. i love it.

Contemporary glam and then eclectic artist. Thanks for asking and all the inspiration!

The third one is my favorite. I especially love the geometric mirror and the pops of orange!

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