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1 Bedroom 4 Ways with The Citizenry



When it comes to online design sources the options can be pretty overwhelming. There is A LOT of good stuff out there, and at times some of the smaller companies often get unrecognized or overlooked. A few years ago when we had just moved into our new studio (that we are now quickly outgrowing – again) one of said small companies, by the name of The Citizenry reached out to us to introduce us to some of their new products.

The Citizenry although small at the time had a business plan that we could stand behind and beautiful goods that were all too easy to fall in love with. As a socially conscious company, they work with local artisans and communities around the world to handcraft capsule collections featuring a variety of products from a specific region.

With fair trade practices, sustainable products and giving back 10% of proceeds  to the community in which  designs were  created, they have quickly become one of our favorite companies. So, when they reached out a few months back about collaborating to showcase some of their products we of course said yes and got to work.

My house is on embargo til the big shoot in a few weeks so I hired my friend and photographer Tessa to style and shoot it in her bedroom, which she had just moved into giving us a very blank slate to start with. We helped with the styling (not because she really needed the help but because doing both can be overwhelming and not as fun – so Brady helped out during the shoot) and I think it looks pretty darn great. Here is what it looked like before:


Simple, bright and white, but filled with great natural light and ready for a makeover. Because 1 room just wasn’t enough for us, and because we love a good challenge, we decided to use their products to showcase how easily you can change the look of 1 bed into 4 completely different setups. So without further ado, get your flowing caftan, your leather sandals, and your sunscreen ready as this beachy escape will have you craving some Vitamin D and some major R&R.


To start this one out, we used their Helado throw on the back of the headboard to add some texture, pattern, and an interesting visual backdrop to the room. Keeping the linens tonal allowed us to really play with different textures and tones within that neutral color palette. And this is a good lesson and example of how playing with texture rather than color can create visual interest.


The light gray pillows pull their color from the blanket and also tie in the gray stripe in the Verano throw pillow in front of them, and the cream Estrato pillow adds some texture and depth to the combo as the others are flat-woven and smooth.


Over on the nightstand we’ve again played with the tonal color palette keeping things neutral but interesting by adding a darker lamp to pull in the dark stripe from the throw on the back of the headboard, and a slight pop of color with the blush pink flowers and the soft green in the book. Speaking of the nightstand, Tessa has just started an online shop where she will be selling a few original furniture pieces as well as a handful of her vintage finds. So if you are wanting one of these beautiful nightstands be sure to click through for more info on it. I think it’s pretty much perfect and know a million of my clients that would buy them.


Last but not least, we pulled the gray from the headboard down to the foot of the bed with their Diamanta throw. This throw is good, folks. It lays so easily when you are going for that “not so fussy but still styled look” and the detail and slight pattern in it make it such a good piece for any room. I stole this one after the shoot for my living room and can’t wait to use it.




1. ‘Zihua’ Print | 2. Vase | 3. Ceramic Dog | 4. Verano Throw Pillow | 5. White Linen Duvet | 6. Smoke Gray Linen Pillowcases | 7. White Linen Sheets | 8. Estrato Pillow | 9. Helado Throw | 10. Rug | 11. Diamanta Throw | 12. Hat | 13. Woven Tote | 14. Bandana | 15. Sunglasses | 16. Lamp | 17. Nightstand


Next up we are getting a little more moody and a bit more rustic with what we are calling our “Woodsy and Organic” Bedroom. It’s a little bit Pacific Northwest and a little bit modern granny but we are very into it. For this one we took cues from the greens in the olive duvet and the black in the nightstand, rug and pillows which gave us our nature inspired color palette.


If you are not into fussy beds then this one is for you as you can get the “pulled together bed” look with just one pillow and a blanket tossed at the foot of the bed. Their oversized Madera pillow from The Mexico Collection makes styling your bed in the morning easier than pushing ‘brew’ on the coffee machine and means that it is one less thing to worry about before running out the door, which for this person seems like a good thing as they would much rather spend their day reading books than styling their bed.


Keeping things simple on the bed with just the large lumbar pillow and Abrazo blanket meant that we could really go big on the walls, and just when you thought we were over gallery walls we did it again with this tonal version. Combining prints, sketches, and photographs all in the same color palette allows it all to cohesively work together without feeling too overwhelming and keeping the frames to just a few styles (gold, white and black in our case) allows the wall to feel collected but not thrifted.


Over on the nightstand we kept it simple with a few books, a modern lamp to keep it from feeling too vintage and to give them some light for their late night reading, and a simple vase to throw your clipped tree limb of course.




1. ‘Stretching’ Print | 2. ‘Plein Air Pasture’ Print | 3. ‘Charcoal Leaves’ Print | 4. Vase | 5. Olive Linen Duvet | 6. Black Linen Pillowcases | 7. White Linen Sheets | 8. Madera Lumbar Pillow | 9. Abrazo Blanket | 10. Rug | 11. Lamp | 12. Side Table


Next up we’ve got our boho-rocker-chic bedroom. The chick that lives here doesn’t ever take herself too seriously, oozes style, and knows how to keep things casual albiet stylish in her decorating sense.


The inspiration for this one came from their Aurora pillow which has blues, reds, oranges, and blacks that we played with in the rest of the setup. Because this girl doesn’t seem to be too fussy we kept all the pillows within the same tonal palette so that they can all easily be thrown onto the bed in the morning as she runs out the door to her probably very artsy job downtown. We brought the same colors above the bed with this print from Tessa’s online shop, and above the nightstand is where she houses her vintage collection of bird art. (Because what cool urban girl doesn’t have a collection of bird sketches).


The brass and wood Samira Tables are from The Citizenry’s Morocco Collection and are the perfect size and scale for any room. Use them together as a collection or separately depending on where you need them and what you plan on using them for.  On top of them we gave her a place for her trinkets, some fresh flowers, and of course a vintage basket lamp that she probably picked up from one of her travels.




1. Woven Pendant | 2. ‘Santee’ Print | 3. White Linen Duvet | 4. Sage Linen Pillowcases | 5. White Linen Sheets | 6. La Riada Blanket  | 7. Rug | 8. Marisol Pillow | 9. Aurora Pillow | 10. Gorse Tweed Pillow | 11. Sheepskin Rug | 12. Wood Bead Garland | 13. Ceramic Horse | 14. Tall White Vase | 15. Soapstone Vase | 16. ‘Blue Throated Warbler’ Print | 17. ‘Gould Hummingbird III’ Print | 18. Samira Brass Side Tables

Last but certainly not least we are rounding up the “1 bed 4 ways” with what we are calling our “Southwest & Chic” bedroom.


The inspiration for this one came from their Ceniza pillow and their Abrigo bedspread both of which play together so well not only in this look but with many other styles.


Taking cues from the pillow we brought the same angular and geometric lines to the lamp on the nightstand. Echoing elements like this allow you to mix different styles like the southwest pillow with the more modern graphic lamp.


Next to the bed we have their leather stool from The Argentina Collection which of course was probably brought in from one this persons overnight camping trips or outings. The stool folds up making it easy for extra seating when you need it and the simple lines and beautiful leather allow it to be mixed with almost every style.


Just as we did in the woodsy organic setup, we kept things simple when it came to the pillow arrangement on this one. With their lumbar pillows all you really need is a few shams behind it and you are good to go. The vintage rug on the floor brings in some of the warmer tones in the vintage nightstand and leather stool as well as the graphic and angular motif of the pillow and blanket. Well folks, there you have it, 1 bedroom 4 very different ways. We are hanging our hat up on this one (just like this person did in their room), but let us know if you have any questions on any of the products, looks, or styles. In the meantime be sure to click through the get the looks for all the products we used.



1. ‘Cannon Beach No. 1’ Print | 2. White Linen Duvet | 3. Smoke Gray Linen Pillowcases | 4. White Linen Sheets | 5. Ceniza Lumbar Pillow | 6. Abrigo Bed Blanket | 7. Ceramic Planter | 8. Grey Mug | 9. Rug | 10. Leather Stool | 11. Hat | 12. Lamp | 13. Woven Side Table

Thanks again to The Citizenry who sponsored this post, and who create such beautiful pieces that we were able to play with in this post. Be sure to click through and support them as they are such a wonderful company that continues to introduce sustainable, beautiful, and stylish products to the market all while having a business model that gives back to the artisans and makers that they work with. And a big thank you Tessa Neustadt who concepted these up and styled them with us to pull this post together.

***Photos by Tessa Neustadt

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But where is the bed from???


My question too!


Please do tell! I’ve been looking for something just like it!




Very interested to know what the bed frame is from as well!


It’s the Dean Sand Upholstered Panel Bed from Living Spaces and such a good deal!


love it so much … except that the shipping to the east coast is more than the bed (cry face emoji!)


I freaked out (in a good way) when I saw the price of the bed. But then I also saw that they don’t deliver to the midwest 🙁


BUT knowing its the Living Spaces bed is EVEN BETTER. Thanks Emily!!


I really liked the first one and second, but the third one, OMG. I need to change everything in my bedroom now to convert it to THAT!

More and more I understand why, being a lover of bright colors, I should have bought the main decor pieces in neutral colors. But of course, I’m thinking this after putting a big mint sofa in the living room, and a coral duvet (this one with a greenish blue drapes in my bedroom… now struggling with finding accesories to go around them that would look interesting but not a mess.


Same question!! I need a source on the bed. Love it!

Love how relaxing and cozy all the 4 spaces look!



They all look like a place I would be more than happy to wake up to!


Completely obsessed with the “Woodsy and Organic” look. Must have it!


Please, please give a source for the main bed. It would be perfect in my guest room!


The staging options presented are inspiring,
for sure.
But the pricing on the merchandise is a bit out of range of we mere, non-California bubble residing, ordinary mortals! So discouraging, but none the less inspiring to possibly pursue more frugal look-alike options.


Do you know what the color is?


Is there a source for the actual vase used in the first look? Crossing my fingers it isn’t vintage.


Sadly it is. I am definitely on the hunt for a similar one. xx


Love the 3rd boho one. It’s given me inspiration on how to hang small little pictures in such a great way. The pillows look GORGEOUS in all the rooms. Beautiful.


I can definitely see Brady’s influence in version #2. Awesome post!


Wow, I love 2 and 3. The branch in 2 takes if from good to excellent. While 3 is great, I think I’d like it better with just 1 table.


I love all four! Fun post. 🙂

All of these look amazing!! Nice work, Brady 😉 And I LOVE The Citizenry so I was so happy to see this collaboration!! My favs are #1 and #4 and I’m in love with the Abrigo bed blanket…and the La Riada bed blanket. Everything is so good!! xx


In photos 1 and 4, I don’t see how you can possibly read in bed using those lamps placed so far off to the outer edge of the bedtable, as they won’t throw light properly. Nor do I see an easy way to turn them off when you’re sleepy, without twisting waaaay over to reach the switch. On photo 3, with the hanging lamp, how do you turn it on and off? I see no switch or cord or remote….. These are all pretty rooms but wildly impractical for actual living. Tables too cluttered with decor to hold the iphone… Read more »


Seriously? This a 4 ways to style a bed aspirational post – not a “How an Actual Real Live Human is Using This Space on a Daily Basis” post. Lighten up.


Please tell me what shade of paint the wall color is! It’s perfect.


Same question. Wall and trim colors, please!!!


I really like the format of this post. You’ve included “get the look” and gifs!!! This kind of post ticks all the boxes for how I like to see info presented. Thank you very much!!!


Please share the wall color!! It’s beautiful and I’m narrowing down paint choices to paint my new home!! I’m close to settling on Classic Gray by SW but this color may be even better!!

The third look is my favorite!


New Linen Sheets

I actually just purchased some blue linen sheets ( from Wayfair. Waiting for them to come in (1 more day). Have you ever purchased from Wayfair? Is their quality on par with CULTIVER? I’ve never used them before and honestly was a little hesitant!

I also buy from Wayfair and am a huge fan of their inventory. And, more importantly, their prices and free shipping! But I’m always looking for new online shopping addictions so will need to check out Cultiver.

New Linen Sheets

Got them in the mail today! They feel a bit rough, but I’ve heard the more you use them the more comfortable they are so we’ll see!


Love all four, truly can’t decide which one is my favorite. Amazing job Tessa & Brady!


awesome post! I LOVE these!!!!


A few years ago when we had just moved into our new studio (that we are now quickly outgrowing – again) one of said small companies, by the name of The Citizenry reached out to us to introduce us to some of their new products.

Speaking of your studio… did I miss the full reveal of your studio? I saw the design library but not the fullback space, is that still happening or you moving?

These are always my very favorite posts from you guys!! Great job, Brady & Tessa! Now I’m headed off to drool over The Citizenry site…

Love look #3 – the rattan light fixture over the staggered end tables, yesss!


May be late for a question on this post but: how do you hang the art for this posts that’s temporary? I’m always so hesitant before commiting to hang something… but maybe there’s an option I’m not aware of?


3M hooks and velcro strips work great when you don’t want to put holes in your walls. I’ve used them for gallery walls with great success.


I love the side tables in the third room (although I would have turned the larger one so that the seam in the brass was in the back). Time to go poke around their website!

You are such an inspiration! I love the transformation!


I love all of these, but the vibe of #1 is my fave. So good!

These are all so amazing! Loving the Soutwest Chic bedroom the best tho 🙂


Don’t hold out on us. I’m looking for a neutral wall color and that one looks just cool enough without being cold….
Wall color and trim please?


I love how the bedroom done 4 ways starts with the basics and builds the room step by step. Pretty cool Tessa.


Soooooo good Tessa !!

Just as we did in the woodsy organic setup, we kept things simple when it came to the pillow arrangement on this one. With their lumbar pillows all you really need is a few shams behind it and you are good to go. The vintage rug on the floor brings in some of the warmer tones in the vintage nightstand and leather stool as well as the graphic and angular motif of the pillow and blanket. Well folks, there you have it, 1 bedroom 4 very different ways. We are

Would you share the info on the headboard? Inspired!!

Laura Stedman

Kudos on this post, it’s one of my favourites of yours!

I am curious about the round black table in the ‘woodsy’ room. Would you be able to share the source? The base is a little different from the one listed in the ‘get the look section’ and I love the elegance of the simple pedestal base.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for the inspo.

Wonderful post..
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Hi! I’m dying to know what this paint color is?!

And a big thank you Tessa Neustadt who concepted these up and styled them with us to pull this post together. ? Really?

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